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25-03-2015, 07:00
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The Nook, Victoria Holmfirth HD9 2DN

The Nook in Holmfirth will be caught up in election fever this weekend.
The pub/brewhouse on Victoria Square is staging a 'General Alection' where beer lovers are being urged to 'cask their vote' for their favourite beer.
Its spring beer festival, as you can see from the poster, will feature more than 50 ales, live music and food between Thursday and Sunday (March 26-29).
The Bloke from Hull has kindly rustled up the beer and cider list for your perusal.
Local cider producer, Pure North, of nearby Netherthong, has made 'Maggie in Bloom' for the festival in memory of the BFH's late partner.

Beer list:
Allgates Wigan Old Boston Plum Porter 4.4%. Lancashire A dark rich porter which bursts with roasted malt flavours. Handsomely black with smoky aromas with cinnamon and sweet plum on the nose.
Allgates Wigan Blue Sky Tea 4.2%. Lancashire Pale Ale, lightly hopped with Summit & Mount Hood from the U.S.A and infused with award winning Blue Sky Blend Tea from J.Atkinson & Co of Lancaster.
Allgates Wigan California 3.8%. Lancashire A well balanced golden coloured ale, easy drinking and refreshing.
Blackjack Manchester Double bluff 4.8%. Lancashire Hoppy amber ale.
Blackjack Manchester The Pokies 3.6%. Lancashire New Zealand Pale ale.
Blackjack Manchester The OC 5.2%. Lancashire American Cream Beer with orange peel.
Brightside Bury Odin 3.8%. Lancashire A very pale blonde ale. European Noble hops form the basis with three fruity American varieties added late.
Brightside Bury Amarillo 5%. Lancashire Pale ale, crystal, caramel malts, and wheat produce a light amber colour and complex malt profile to compliment just one American hop variety.
Brightside Bury Our Town 4%. Lancashire Pale ale with a pretty traditional malt profile giving a light brown colour, but nothing like traditional hops: Celeia; Summer; Cascade; Chinook and an experimental variety.
Dukeries Worksop Pale 4%. Nottinghamshire Pale Ale, brewed in the heart of the Dukeries.
Dukeries Worksop Baronette 3.9%. Nottinghamshire Hand crafted traditional chestnut Bitter with hops on the nose and bags of fruity flavours going on with a dry bitter finish.
Dukeries Worksop IPA 4.9%. Nottinghamshire An easy drinking hoppy IPA.
Dukeries Worksop Best 3.8%. Nottinghamshire Traditional style best bitter.
Exit 33 Sheffield Thirst Aid 4%. South Yorkshire A light session ale showcasing two great American hops which impart interesting citrus and tropical fruit characters with a beautiful sharp juicy flavour.
Exit 33 Sheffield Stout 5%. South Yorkshire A dark roasted traditional stout. The initial flavour hints of cocoa followed by delicate coffee and molasses with a silky thick mouth feel.
Exit 33 Sheffield IPA 5.1%. South Yorkshire An exciting combination of hops produce this full of flavour India Pale Ale. A clean sharp pine like aroma is complimented by a hint of citrus and tropical fruit characters balanced with lush caramalt.
Heritage Ales Chester Victorian Porter 4.6%. . Cheshiire Brewed using an authentic recipe from 1865.
Heritage Ales Chester Empire IPA 5.2%. Cheshiire The beer brewed to quench thirsts around the globe-spanning British Empire.
Liverpool Organic Liverpool Empire Ale 5.2%. Lancashire Biscuity with a slightly sweet finish.
Liverpool Organic Liverpool Josephine Butler Elderflower Ale 4.5%. Lancashire Initial citrus hops followed by elderflower fruit.
Liverpool Organic Liverpool Bier Head 4.1%. Lancashire Complex spice and crisp malt tones building to rich, mellow aftertaste.
Liverpool Organic Liverpool Best Bitter 4.2%. Lancashire Crisp refreshing and with a hint of citrus fruit.
Liverpool Organic Liverpool Joseph Williamson 4%. Lancashire Traditional malty bitter with floral elements .
Liverpool Organic Liverpool Last Man Standing 3.9%. Lancashire A one off beer brewed with Riwaka hops from New Zealand.
Lytham Brewery Lytham Amber 3.6%. Lancashire A traditional malty beer using the finest English hops.
Lytham Brewery Lytham Berry Blond 4.1%. Lancashire A fantastic blonde beer with hints of fine English berries.
Lytham Brewery Lytham Golden Beast 4.2%. Lancashire Golden Ale.
Lytham Brewery Lytham IPA 5.6%. Lancashire A pale bitter with good, fresh, sweet and hoppy flavour leading to a long, dry finish.
Raw Brewery Chesterfield Anubis Porter 5.2%. Derbyshire Smooth roast malt and mild coffee flavours with a lingering bitterness and gentle hop aroma.
Raw Brewery Chesterfield Brown Cow Bitter 3.8%. Derbyshire A traditional session beer.
Raw Brewery Chesterfield Edge Pale 4.5%. Derbyshire Pale ale brewed using pale and Munich malt, balanced bitterness and a citrus aroma.
Spitting Feathers Chester Session Beer 3.6%. Cheshire Easy drinking session beer.
Spitting Feathers Chester Thirstquencher 3.9%. Cheshire Pale, hoppy bitter.
Spitting Feathers Chester Special Ale 4.2%. Cheshire Chestnut coloured best bitter.
Spitting Feathers Chester Old Wavertonian 4.4%. Cheshire Robust, dark stout.
XT Aylesbury XPA 5.9%. Buckinghamshire An IPA brewed with crisp, clean extra pale malts and more hop additions than any of our other beers. Plus a cooler, slower fermentation for a really special hop forward flavour.
XT Aylesbury XT15 4.5%. Buckinghamshire Brewed to celebrate the new varieties of English Hops. This is an English IPA triple hopped, pale amber ale with caramel malt notes, lasting floral, hop character.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Baby Blond 3.8%. West Yorkshire A very pale and brilliantly refreshing ale with citrus notes. Much lighter than it’s award winning bigger brother Nook Blond this baby can still quench the biggest of thirsts.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Best 4.2%. West Yorkshire A smooth and easy drinking best bitter that offers floral aromas balanced with a biscuity palate.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Blond 4.5%. West Yorkshire This award-wining premium blond ale has a smooth malt base and shimmers with citrus and floral flavours for a wonderfully bright and balanced beer.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Bees's Knees 3.9%. West Yorkshire A hoppy bitter balanced with sweet Yorkshire honey.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Berry Blond 4.5%. West Yorkshire Sweet and tart raspberry flavours are balanced with a smooth biscuit malt base.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Cherry Stout 5.2%. West Yorkshire A rich full flavoured stout with sweet notes of black cherries.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Elderflower 4.5%. West Yorkshire Fragrant sweet elderflower.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Funky Banana 4.5%. West Yorkshire Distinctive banana flavours balanced with a biscuity malt base.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Grumpy Mule 5.2%. West Yorkshire A rich oatmeal stout infused with freshly roasted Grumpy Mule coffee.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth NIPA 5.2%. West Yorkshire An IPA is bursting with tropical fruit flavours balanced with a pleasant bitter finish.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Oat Stout 5.2%. West Yorkshire A distinctive Stout the gains it's rich flavour and full body from the oats added to every brew.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Rescue Red 3.8%. West Yorkshire A deep amber caramel malt base off set by fruity and floral hop aromas.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth RIPA 5.2%. West Yorkshire An IPA is bursting with tropical fruit flavours balanced with and added sharpness from Yorkshire Rhubarb and a pleasant bitter finish.
The Nook Brewhouse Holmfirth Yorks Bitter 3.7%. West Yorkshire A classic Yorkshire bitter. generously hopped and balanced with a subtle amount of crystal malt.
Cider list:
Little Badger Holmfirth Fiery Cat 5%. Medium A fiery ginger and apple cider
Little Badger Holmfirth Rhubarb and Raspberry 5%. Medium Sharp, sweet and tangy
Little Badger Holmfirth Elderflower 5%. Sweet With sweet fragrant elderflower
Little Badger Holmfirth The Hound of the Ciderhills 6.8%. Medium Dry A traditional cloudy apple cider
Pure North Holmfirth Sweet Union 5.5%. Medium Sweet. A delicious cloudy cider with a full apple flavour. Made using cider fruit from Yorkshire and Katy apples from Lancashire, a sweet union of two great counties!
Pure North Holmfirth Vintage Deanhouse 6%. Medium A bright refreshing cider made using a blend of rare heritage cider apple varieties.
Pure North Holmfirth Maggie In Bloom 6%. Medium Sweet A cider made for special events in memory of Maggie, the long term partner of the CAMRA representative Dave Litten (the Bloke From Hull!). A clean full flavoured cider infused with pressed elderflower.
Pure North Holmfirth Fusion 6.5%. Medium Dry A clean sharp cider made using a blend of 4 cider apple varieties. Voted the best cider of Yorkshire 2012 by CAMRA.

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