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20-03-2015, 16:51
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HfPoDH17l10/VQxMZt8QCNI/AAAAAAAAD_k/NuzcTbOj9WQ/s200/KnottedPackets.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HfPoDH17l10/VQxMZt8QCNI/AAAAAAAAD_k/NuzcTbOj9WQ/s1600/KnottedPackets.jpg)
When I first started going in pubs, I rapidly picked up the habit – possibly from my dad – of tying empty crisp packets into a little knot so they took up less space and so could easily be placed into an ashtray. Yes, kids, in those days every pub table had an ashtray.
A few years later, I remember doing this in a remote country pub in Sussex and the grumpy landlord saying “I bet you used to make model aeroplanes when you were younger”. Which I actually didn’t, but you understand the point. I still do it, and friends view me seizing on a stray crisp packet as a form of OCD. I never embraced folding the packets into little triangles, though.
I recently came across this article on How to Eat Crisps (http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2014/jul/25/how-to-eat-crisps)* and was rather gratified to read the following, which confirms my view:

In public, where you might not bin it immediately, fold the packet lengthways into a narrow strip and then tie a knot in it. People who fold the packet into a tight, precise triangle are psychopaths.Apparently, the UK consumes more crisps than the rest of the EU put together. And, the question of what you do with your rubbish in the pub following the demise of the ashtray, which I mentioned here (http://www.pubcurmudgeon.org.uk/beer07/curm0706.html), has still not been solved. It seems that you just leave it on the table and wait for a member of staff to clear it away.
* what next? “How to wipe your arse”?

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