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17-03-2015, 14:30
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The first shipment ready to go

I am certainly not dead at all. One could be forgiven for thinking some great tragedy had befallen me, after all it is 6 weeks since I posted on this blog. It is true that Dry January did push us close to the edge, and then, just as we thought it might be getting better, it turned out the great craft hop shortage might threaten to limit our ability to brew stunning beer. I might have been tempted on several occasions to drink myself to oblivion, after all, I probably have enough alcohol in the warehouse to wipe out a small army, should I be able to persuade them to consume it all.

But then, around the middle of January, an email popped up in my inbox that I felt sure would change things forever. It happens every-so-often. Sometimes it might be greetings with an unusual enquiry, which turns out to propagate long and fruitful acquaintanceship. Sometimes it is the offer of a trip to some interesting place all in the name of beer. Sometimes it is just an invite to take part in something fun.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-3MJH0cNFmpQ/VQg1E7gf8UI/AAAAAAAAB_s/LU_h2P4wGjA/s1600/P3170150.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-3MJH0cNFmpQ/VQg1E7gf8UI/AAAAAAAAB_s/LU_h2P4wGjA/s1600/P3170150.JPG)


On this occasion the email started with "Promised I'd be back, and here I am" and proceeded to state that "In theory, we can look to do something with you from April" It was the beer buyer from Morrisons. Ann and I had been to see him at the nice head office way back last Autumn. We thought the meeting went quite well, but knew that these things can take time to happen.

The theory turned fairly quickly into a certainty. We had ramped down all operations due to the evil that is Dry January and stupidity of detox, And fairly quickly I realised we had a lot of work to do. Indeed, so much work that we really were not sure how we would do it.

Today we packed up three pallets and loaded them onto a wagon. This is just a pre-order to check that systems are all working, that we get the paperwork via Morrisons systems1, we send it to the right warehouse, and all the barcodes work the way they should. If all is good, next week we ship double figure amounts of pallets. Apparently it should be on the shelves around the beginning of April.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gq1E6dlTPSc/VQgddpKczfI/AAAAAAAAB_c/xG4VrDahJCE/s1600/IMG-20150312-00457.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gq1E6dlTPSc/VQgddpKczfI/AAAAAAAAB_c/xG4VrDahJCE/s1600/IMG-20150312-00457.jpg)
Good job the warehouse is full then.

And so, if the information I'm given is true, we'll have Code Black, Azimuth and Infra Red on the shelves, 4 bottles for £62, alongside some other stunning craft beers. How good are we to you?


1It didn't work first time. We should have got the order last week, apparently, but there was a field missing in the database, or some such thing.

2The deal started yesterday. It seems many of the supermarkets are turning to great craft beer to try to bolster their trading performance. After all, when it's time to go do that weekly shop for potatoes, pasta, frozen pizza for when you get home from work late, and can't be arsed to cook something proper, at least the drudgery will be eased with the knowledge there is craft beer to be bought. At great prices too.

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