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17-03-2015, 14:30
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-arPdBVZe-1s/VQg37N8Ik9I/AAAAAAAAD_E/kbEnrnTtTOA/s200/hipster%2Bfish%2Band%2Bchips.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-arPdBVZe-1s/VQg37N8Ik9I/AAAAAAAAD_E/kbEnrnTtTOA/s1600/hipster%2Bfish%2Band%2Bchips.jpg)
Go in any pub or restaurant nowadays that has the slightest aspiration to be fashionable, and the odds are that you will have your meal served, not on a plate, but on a roofing slate, a chopping board, a baking tray or even just a plank of wood. Your chips may be stacked on their end in a mug, salad under an upturned wine glass and vegetables in a flowerpot.
Some of the worst examples are shown on this page (http://www.buzzfeed.com/bimadewunmi/what-do-we-want-plates-when-do-we-want-them-now#.yaDKQw050), including bread in slippers, chips in a miniature shopping trolley and steak on a meat cleaver. The picture on the right shows fish on a rectangular piece of wood, with chips in a little stainless steel bucket and mushy peas in a latté glass.
Not too long ago, people were complaining about square plates replacing round ones, but this is taking things to a whole new level. There are obvious practical objections, in that an entirely flat surface does nothing to stop food sliding or dripping off the edge, and how have to wonder how thoroughly chunks of wood are washed, especially those with cracks in them. Some types of containers may make it physically difficult to actually eat the food from them.
But ultimately this is just a rather pathetic attempt to come across as funky, artisanal and cutting-edge. Anything, no matter how absurd, is better than a boring old round plate. Come on, we all know the food’s just popped out of a microwave and they’re not actually slaughtering pigs round the back. There’s even a Twitter account @WeWantPlates (https://twitter.com/WeWantPlates) to highlight some of its more laughable excesses.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-dYsG_V8JLZ0/VQg4InTVUxI/AAAAAAAAD_M/ajlgbelrdg4/s200/wetherspoons-plate.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-dYsG_V8JLZ0/VQg4InTVUxI/AAAAAAAAD_M/ajlgbelrdg4/s1600/wetherspoons-plate.jpg)
However, Wetherspoons are bucking the trend – not so long ago they replaced plain square plates with very retro-looking round ones with blue and white patterns. It might be a good idea for more pubs to follow suit and stop opening themselves up to ridicule.

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