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17-03-2015, 11:23
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-L_m4Bf2oujA/VQfv4Kp_v5I/AAAAAAAAGDM/BnAvT-2wmEg/s1600/Silver-King.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-L_m4Bf2oujA/VQfv4Kp_v5I/AAAAAAAAGDM/BnAvT-2wmEg/s1600/Silver-King.jpg)London is always an enigma to me. It contains some of the best pubs in the country, has some of the most go ahead brewers and new wave bars yet still thinks it is in the Second World War in terms of new inventions like refrigeration. The problem of warm cask beer is one that I bang on about and will continue to bang on about. London has some of the best pubs - pubs you could happily drink beer in all day - if only the beer wasn't kept so bloody awfully. Even the lager is rarely as cold as it ought to be. London, it seems, likes warm beer.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-j2ZXVUSCh-U/VQfvlWbbYTI/AAAAAAAAGDE/js-A8xAGOs0/s1600/kiwiclassic.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-j2ZXVUSCh-U/VQfvlWbbYTI/AAAAAAAAGDE/js-A8xAGOs0/s1600/kiwiclassic.jpg)Funnily enough though this isn't about that. I just like to stick that knife in whenever I can. So what am I banging on about this time? Well the lack of pale, hoppy beer that's what. In the North and by this I mean anywhere above Birmingham, it would be an odd situation indeed if, in a free house or even one that isn't, you didn't find something pale and hoppy on the bar. It is a given Oop North but this just doesn't seem to happen in London and when and if you do come cross something pale, if it isn't Dark Star Hophead, it is likely to be sweet and it is likely to be the only one on the bar that that isn't brown. Going further south, on my recent trip to Broadstairs, there was again a distinct lack of hop forward blonde beers. Why is this I wonder? Is it a matter of preference or perceived preference? Is it a lack of availability locally and local is big at the moment? I'm kind of baffled.

Why is this? Any ideas?

The list of Northern Breweries producing a huge range of blonde beers is vast. Those would be people like Phoenix, Saltaire, Elland, Pictish, Allgates, Wilson Potter, Goose Eye, Mallinsons, Ossett to name but a few. These can be readily bought through beer distributors. There is lots more.

And yes, I know some exist down South, but why don't we see them in London is the question.

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