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04-03-2015, 14:55
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Boak and Bailey had an interesting thread a week or so ago about breweries that get more than their fair share of plaudits and those that don't and perhaps deserve to. I did contribute to that but found that two of my key comments have vanished into the ether. It has a habit of doing that to me has WordPress. So, I'll continue what I was going to say here instead.

Buried in all the comments (http://boakandbailey.com/2015/02/so-who-are-the-usual-suspects/#comment-62055) and unremarked was this "I am not concerned about brewers receiving too much, deserved, praise or others not gaining recognition. I would like to see a large number of micro brewers driven out of business and writers must tell the truth about the bad brewers and to metaphorically put the boot in. (For Northeners this would be just about any Dave Porter 3 day training course brewers)". I think the writer of this - someone called Marwood that I don't know - is right about the number of poor microbrewers out there and also right about calling them out, though why he didn't take the opportunity to do so himself is a moot point. What caused me to respond though was the second bit about Dave Porter, which I suspect was not commented on because few understood it.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_9vwwgoCroI/VPWl61CgMMI/AAAAAAAAGA8/1C1HDCi9_VY/s1600/ohmrporter.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_9vwwgoCroI/VPWl61CgMMI/AAAAAAAAGA8/1C1HDCi9_VY/s1600/ohmrporter.jpg)Dave Porter runs PBC (http://pbcbreweryinstallations.com/) who are the biggest supplier of microbreweries in the UK though they also supply worldwide. (275 to date overall according to their website). They are based in Bury and Dave Porter, the owner used to run pubs in this area and supply them from his own microbrewery in Lancashire. He is involved with Outstanding Brewing, is anything but modest, but as sharp a businessman as you'll come across. He happens to be one of my CAMRA Branch members. He also brews good beer and teaches others how to brew. What the commentator seems to be saying though is that Dave's plant and training produces bad beers. Now, were that so we wouldn't be enjoying beers from, among others, Arbor, Bad Seed, First Chop, Ilkley, Kernal, Mallinson, Offbeat, Redchurch, Wilson Potter and Stringers to name but a few. Many of his other breweries aren't known to me, though plenty are. Far from all being in the North, they are nationwide and indeed worldwide. I don't of course know if all the brewers attended his training courses, but I do know the vast majority of his customers have done and acquired sufficient skills to produce excellent beers. I don't doubt either that some produce a load of old rubbish. That's the way of the brewing world.

Bad microbreweries exist because they have bad brewers, bad brewing practice and duff palates. Trust me Dave Porter has none of these.

In case you think this is inspired by Dave, it isn't. If he knew he wouldn't care and would probably tell me to eff off. He has done so plenty times before in beery discourse.

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