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16-02-2015, 16:30
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Over the last few days I have heard several different people mentioning a Polish beer (A beer from Poland, not one made of polish !) that has been on sale locally. Thanks to BFH I can provide some genuine information about it, other than the guesses about its origins that I would have made.

The beer is brewed in Poland by a brewery called 'TEA Time' which is based in Krakow in Poland. The owner of the brewery has a name that may be familiar to our older local readers, James Eastwood. James is the son of John Eastwood, of The Barge and Barrel and Eastwood and Sanders fame, the erstwhile and much missed brewer (missing as in not brewing, not as deceased).

I had a chat with John a few years ago, and he was talking about his son setting up a brewery in Poland, and his motorcycling across to help him set it up. I assume this was the fruition of that idea.

The beer on offer was a 5.8% Porter called 'Black Prince' and was on the bar at the Dusty Miller at Longwood. Another connection, John was a previous licencee here.

From the information gleaned by BFH it seems that James is recreating his father's recipes at the polish brewery, which is believed to be the only real ale brewery in the country. The TEA in the brewery name stands for 'Traditional English Ale' if you were wondering.

I got the e mail after the event so was unable to sample the beer, all I can hope is that James reprises his visit and BFH lets me know in time to try the beer. Anyway, congratulations from 'A Swift One' for being so innovative, and letting some locals try it as well.

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