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02-02-2015, 11:31
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Well, that's January out of the way, although we've still to sort out the cash-flow deficit that happens every year around this time. But, let's look forward, we've an awful lot happening this year. Indeed, it might even end up being that the biggest problem is keeping up with demand if things continue to go the way they seem to be.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-eQ6rmzGMhGc/VM9nsk80DCI/AAAAAAAAB9I/nE_kD47OEOw/s1600/Juxta%2B3d%2Blabel.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-eQ6rmzGMhGc/VM9nsk80DCI/AAAAAAAAB9I/nE_kD47OEOw/s1600/Juxta%2B3d%2Blabel.jpg)Today I'm thrown a slight curved ball. Previously I've been quite critical (http://hardknott.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/a-beer-for-that-brewers-view.html) of There's A Beer For That. In summary, my thoughts are that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Why would a campaign funded by the major brewers want to help little annoyances like me?

Well, whatever their reason, and of course I could ask that perhaps this is an attempt to get me on side, they have actually gone out of their way to get me some unique and free publicity. Today we appear in The Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/foodanddrinkadvice/11380274/The-best-low-alcohol-beers.html). There is no doubt that this is good publicity. And I did very little to make it happen.

There's A Beer For That (http://www.beerforthat.com/home/) have been talking about doing stuff with Juxta (http://www.hardknott.com/Shop/?page_id=775) for a few weeks. I've been sending pictures of the bottle, and various other information. I hadn't seen anything positive until now, and had been waiting quietly with anticipation for some sort of positive exposure. They have managed to get an article into The Telegraph, and that's no bad thing.

I guess it seems sensible of the major brewers to want to find something positive from the de-tox nonsenses that occurs around this time. I'm still skeptical in my own mind (http://hardknott.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/welcome-to-january.html) of any benefit to ourselves to jumping on that particular band-waggon.

It leaves me wondering if they have won, got one over on me, played a blinder. Have they very cleverly pulled the rug from under my big-brand objection focused rants? Will the influx of orders for Juxta see me changing my mind about the campaign?

The jury is deliberating right now over a few bottles of said beverage.

Personally I'm still unsure of the whole low ABV thing. In our own experience, despite making what we think is a very tasty low ABV beer, the demand is minuscule compared to the demand for Azimuth (http://www.hardknott.com/Shop/?page_id=425). But, at the end of the day, if it takes off I'll be quite happy to continue making it.

Stunning Craft Beer - Juxta (http://vimeo.com/106928218) from Hardknott Brewery (http://vimeo.com/user7860979) on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/).

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