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05-01-2015, 08:10
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Towards the end of 2014, another micro brewery started in the Holme Valley, this one in Holmfirth. 'Here Be Monsters' have started to appear in local stockists in the last few weeks. The brewery is a one man band that is presently concentrating on bottled beers. I must admit to having a bottle or two (courtesy of Robinthetrain) but as yet I have to sample them, but a facebook entry from a couple of our regular contributors prompted this post prior to that.

The brewery website is quite comprehensive and details five beers, covering most styles. There is a dark beer 'Black Annis' with chocolate malt, and licquorice and mocha notes; a red beer 'Red Fury' which is malty based and dry, with a combination of three hops, and three light beers.

'Siren' is blonde but is said to be the most traditional, and lowest Abv beer that is brewed. 'Blonde Fury' has a malty backbone but again three hops give a strong citrus taste, but the one I really want to try (and I do have a bottle !) is 'Cyclops Citra'. This is the first of a series of single hopped beers, using the same background malt profile, but using different hops each brew.

At present the beers are not too easy to find, and as I say, bottle only, but I have seen them in the Sportsman and they have been in Bargain Booze in Holmfirth - but lets get out there and support our newest local brewery if we can.

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