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02-04-2010, 20:25
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Planet Thanet beer festival at the Winter Gardens in Margate. It's one of my favourite festivals of the year, no doubt. Good friends, good beer, good location; it's got all you want and need. This year Gadds' Uberhop (a traditional hopped-up lager ale) rocked it; Tryst Corronade IPA was bitter, apricoty, light, dry; Millstone Tiger Rut was a glass of fruity tangerine, floral and oh-so-drinkable - awesome. Some dark beer - Gadds' Black Pearl and Elland 1872 - rounded us up and some more Uberhop and Tiger Rut finished us off.
It was a Good Friday. I love Planet Thanet beer festival.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/8717216232742676074-2471868340849788366?l=pencilandspoon.blogspot.com

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