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whalebone kid
20-08-2007, 23:05
Hello George Grice.
This is Chris Barley, ex Whalebone Inn. I saw your comments on the pub and 44 years have passed since we last had a pint together!
I now live in Brisbane, Australia but visit the UK 3-4 times a year, staying with brother Richard in Hutton Cranswick.
Contacts are: Email cbarley@bigpond.net.au
Brisbane Phone: 0061 7 3379 2272
Richard's Phone: 01377 271076
I'll be in the UK three times between August 26 and October 15. Email me or call Richard and give him your contact details. Let's have a pint or three!

Galore Admin
21-08-2007, 13:51
Hi Chris,

When George used our site a couple of years back we had some correspondence with him, he mentioned to us about his times at The Whalebone before adding his comments to the site in the hope of getting back in touch with you.

We have sent him a message to the last email address we had for him to let him know about your message, although we are not sure if this will still work. When he was using the site we think he lived somewhere near Congleton in Cheshire, however we believe he has now moved abroad.

Galore Admin