View Full Version : Another day in "The Smoke"

02-04-2010, 17:18
Hi all,

Well as some of you know i will be in London for the semi on the 10th. I get back from Aberstwyth on Friday the 9th and catch the train to Marylebone early Saturday morning.
We get into Marylebone at about 9.30 and the game isn't till 5 so we have a good few hours for a pub crawl...
No concrete plans as yet but there are a couple of Spoons I'd like to tick off.

Can't wait ( as long as we don't let 7 in !!)



Oggwyn Trench
02-04-2010, 18:29
We went to the play off final last year , got to Marylebone 8 30ish , had a nose round for a couple of hours and had breakfast , intended to go on a crawl but for some reason a lot of pubs in Marylebone dont seem to open on a Saturday ? Ended up in the Duke of Wellington, more a resturant than a pub but the beer was good , the barmaid stunning:notworthy:, and it was a nice sunny day so we sat outside and watched the world go by , also got brought a pint from a bloke whos a foreign correspondent on BBC news .