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31-03-2010, 10:43
Hi all,

Spending a few days in Wales next week and hoping to have a few hours spare in Aberystwyth. Any suggestions on which pubs to fit in ??
The only one I have been in is the Spoons so its all new to me !!
With any luck I will be able to get some photos on the site as there seems to be a shortage in the area.



31-03-2010, 11:00
Take a look at Quinno's Aberystwyth pub guide - should tell you everything yiou need to know!


31-03-2010, 11:06
I know someone lives in Aberystwyth. I'll get back to you..

31-03-2010, 11:27
Right My mate just emailed to me..

1) Coopers Arms - this is at the bottom of the hill by the University, and although Welsh dominated, is Felinfach-owned and has four quality ales from their local Ceredigion brewery.

2) Mill Inn - Past the railway station and over the island by the shell garage for a small, homely pub (when students aren't in there!) and normally a couple of decently kept guests.

3)Ship And Castle - Probably the hardest to locate, but one of the most rewarding if you find it; head all the way up the main high street, past the Academy pub and turn right, walk up a back-street past a bookshop and it will be in front of you. A pub I don't frequent as often as I should, but probably the best-kept in Aber and recently won some awards...

If you are travelling by car, there are a couple of excellent pubs on the A44 just outside Aber that are also crackers - in Capel Bangor you will find a small Inn that the name eludes me at the second and only opens after 6pm, but is beautiful in the Rheidol valley in the summertime. The other pub in Capel Bangor is also lovely, though again the name is not ever-present in my mind.

P.S Avoid Vale of Rheidol, (which is the Plaid Cymru pub) at all! (Near Wetherspoon)

Hope this helps.


31-03-2010, 19:52
Cheers Hoppy.

I have just read the reviews on Quinno's website and they seem like decent pubs to visit. Funny though, if I could only choose one it would be the Vale of Rheidol !!
I must be a masochist !! Now where did I put my eye patch.....



01-04-2010, 08:34
Last time I visited the Vale of Rheidol was perhaps four years ago and did not find it in anyway unwelcoming but times and pubs change. It was also day time and I suppose even Welsh Nationalists have a crust to earn.