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29-11-2014, 09:48
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This post was intended to be my review of my visit to the Shakespeare festival in Sheffield, but a short notice domestic hiatus prevented my attending. However, every cloud has a silver lining and my afternoon visit to Brighouse proved very beneficial.

My bus into Brighouse follows the back route into the town, rather than the main road, and goes in past the old Sugdens mill, and over the river and canal into the town. Between the two,on Briggate, used to stand the 'Black Swan' - a pub which I abhorred with a passion - which had closed some months before. I have seen workmen there for some weeks, but never knew what was going on. But yesterday, I saw a new pub, 'Millers Bar' had risen from the ashes of its predecessor. It seemed a good time to call in and see what it was about.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. It has been completely transformed into an airy, open plan place, with a feel of wine bar rather than a pub.It still smelled new, a feeling reinforced by the wet paint signs in the toilets, and felt welcoming. I was a bit concerned when I walked in and saw a combination of lager and key keg fonts to greet me, but a walk round the bar revealed a bank of hand pumps, with some decent beers on.

I had a brief chat to a very approachable bar tender, who advised me that the pub had been open for around a week, but only from late afternoon at present, except at weekends when it opens at 1pm. The beers would be a mixture of regulars and rotating guests. The regulars were two from the Taylors stable, a rotating one that would always be from Stod Fold, and Saltaire 'Blonde'. The two guests were Phoenix 'Arizona' and Oates 'Liquid Equinox'. I opted for the latter,which was in good nick, but at £1.65 a half, a little expensive in my opinion.

I was a little surprised to find Saltaire 'Blonde' on key keg, as it was on draught as well, but I was told it was selling well, and some preferred it to the draught version.

I took a small tour of exploration and at the back of the pub was a newly built beer garden, overlooking the canal, somewhere to try out on a nice warm summer day, not a foggy November afternoon. In time it is hoped that the pub will be open all day, and will be serving food, but until then the opening times will be restricted.

Now I have found it, I will return It is a welcome addition to the local drinking scene, and from a personal point of view, somewhere to call when I should be shopping !!!

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