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12-11-2014, 08:00
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Slaithwaite Moonraker Beer Festival runs from Thursday to Saturday.
The annual charity event is being held in Slaithwaite Conservative Club on Britannia Road.
Here is the beer list:
Autumn Light: Golcar Huddersfield 4.0% Golden amber lightly hopped bitter with malty overtones.
Barncliffe Bitter: Small World Beers Huddersfield 3.7% Pleasant light drinking bitter, golden hue, crisp initial taste with a lasting bitterness through the finish.
Blonde Ash: Grain Norfolk 4.0% Belgian witbier style, this cloudy wheat beer has flavours of bubblegum, orange and coriander.
Commerciale: Empire Slaithwaite 3.8% Pale golden ale, fruity, slightly spicey with orange citrus notes.
Cophill Best: Gooseye Keighley 3.9% Rose and Crown (Slaithwaite) special. A fine "session" ale.
Daily Bread: Abbeydale Sheffield 3.8% Copper English bitter. Malty flavours with a smooth bitter finish.
Dark Arts: Surreal Stout Magic Rock Huddersfield 6.0% Spicy hop notes, flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figs. Rich and satisfying finish.
Dark Satanic: OMB Sowerby Bridge 4.1% Stout brewed for rugby league world cup.
Farmers Blonde: Bradfield Sheffield 4.0% very pale, brilliant blonde beer has citrus/summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale.
Golcar Mild: Golcar Huddersfield 3.6% Nice malty award winning mild.
Golden Hop: Milltown Huddersfield 3.8% A combination of English/American hops give balance of bitterness and flavour' delicious session ale.
Howling Fox: Slightly Foxed Sowerby Bridge 3.5% Exceptionally pale with hoppy notes blend of exciting new hop varieties from New Zealand, dry flavour.
Katy's Blonde: OMB Sowerby Bridge 3.6% A fruity and full bodied blonde beer.
Long Moor Pale: Small World Beers Huddersfield 3.9% Pale ale, grapefruit/citrusy notes with a light bitter finish, brewed with Centennial and Cascade hops.
Maiden Voyage: Bosun's Horbury 3.9% Chestnut brown traditional English Ale using Fuggles hops.
Moonraker Mild: Empire Slaithwaite 3.8% Award winning Mild, overall winner of the 2014 Oktoberfest.
Mosaic: Summer Wine Holmfirth 4.0% Pale golden ale brewed with Mosaic hops.
Movember (The Trucker): Empire Huddersfield 4.3% Blonde, mix of US & New Zealand hops give a tropical passion fruit flavour.
Movember Bitter: Ossett Ossett 3.9% Golden dry and bitter with hoppy finish.
Nelson Sauvin: Mallinsons Huddersfield 3.8% Golden coloured ale, with a lovely grapefruit nose, a hoppy citrus taste followed by a similar finish.
Octahop: Fernandes Wakefield 4.0% Blonde, robust hoppy flavour, full bodied, very fruity with a hint of citrus
Pigs Do Fly: Potbelly Kettering 4.4% A Single hopped beer using Styrian Golding, an easy drinking Light Golden Beer.
Platinum Blonde: Milltown Huddersfield 4.0% Blonde lager style beer with American Hops creating a spicy, floral, citrus aroma. Clean / refreshing.
Quick Brown Fox: Slightly Foxed Sowerby Bridge 4.5% Autumn special. Brown as Autumn, deep malt flavours balanced with the earthiness of English hops.
Rat Attack: Rat Huddersfield 3.8% IPA Golden tropical fruit aroma and taste with dry aftertaste
Ringmaster: Magic Rock Huddersfield 3.9% Original Pale Ale . The U.S. Hops give a floral, 'grassy' aroma with citrus flavours.
Saltaire Blonde: Saltaire Shipley 4.0% A straw coloured light ale, soft malt flavours, delicately hopped with Czech and German hop varities.
Terrier: York York 4.2% Award winning Golden Ale. Fruit & hops dominate aroma & flavour, clean bitter finish.
Under Full Sail: Bosun's Horbury 4.5% A continental pilsner beer.
White Cloud: Riverhead Marsden 4.5% Pale Ale. A hoppy bitter with citrus character.
White Rose Glory: Mallinsons Huddersfield 4.0% Golden ale, with citrus and mango aroma. Taste is mixed fruit hop, finish is soft, clean and bitter.
Zenith: Summer Wine Holmfirth 4.0% Pale Ale. Centennial hops citrus, lime & lemon grass combine to give a zingy punch & bitter finish.

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