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11-11-2014, 23:51
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Which is what I did today. I wish I'd left a day earlier before it got so effing cold.

I'm really not used to the cold any more after our non-winter in Amsterdam. A crazy drop in temperature - from 15 C to -5 C in a few hours - was supposedly the fault of an arctic vortex. Wasn't that a 70's rock band?

I had a great time in Denver - who wouldn't if they spent much of it in a pub (Hogshead Brewery (http://www.hogsheadbrewery.com/)) with not just six or seven cask beers, but good ones in great condition?

Well, maybe not some craft keg dogmatists. But they're just twats.

At Hogshead - where I was doing a beer launch/book tarting event - cask proved its best characteristic again. Drinkability. Several times I was amazed at how empty my glass was. It just threw itself down my throat.

I had the same at Maritime Pacific Brewing (http://maritimebrewery.com/) in Seattle. I suspected my glass must have a hole in it, the Double IPA disappeared so quickly.

I'm off to Deschutes (http://www.deschutesbrewery.com/) Portland tap in a half hour or so. Life is good.

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