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10-11-2014, 12:50
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Look, the fact is, if you want to read about drunken escapades, this isn’t the blog you’re looking for.We’re bookworms, nerds, squares; taking things too seriously is what we do for fun; we hate having hangovers; and that’s unlikely to change as we daily grow ever more middle-aged*and becardiganed.
But don’t despair — there are plenty of bloggers less po-faced and/or sedentary than us who are barely ever out of the pub, and here are four*you might enjoy.
1. The Ultimate London Pub Crawl (http://ultimatelondonpubcrawl.wordpress.com/)Once a month, twenty-somethings Andy and Greg pick a bit of London and visit every pub there — every*pub. They generally get drunk, flirt, make friends, fear for their lives, and then miss their bus or tube home.
2. My Pub Odyssey (http://www.pubodyssey.com/)Pubman goes to pubs, mostly in London, and says what he reckons about them without even a dab of gilding on the lily:*‘It is a fairly normal little grubby touristy pub. *Grubby is a compliment in Pub Odyssey world…’
3. Walking and Crawling (http://walkingandcrawling.blogspot.co.uk/)Adam walks and drinks and walks and drinks. His long posts are full fresh air, verdant fields, and well-earned pints of beer in*Scottish country pubs. It a close to being on holiday as you can get at your desk.
4. Wee Beefy (http://weebeefyspubblog.blogspot.co.uk/)He’s been a bit less prolific of late but his reports from the front line of the war on sobriety in pubs in the Sheffield area are always entertaining:*‘We finished our trip at the Duck and Drake, where we stood at the packed bar to hear a band finish playing, supping beers that I have forgotten to record, but which were, I assume very nice – as was the food, which may have been a pie, I genuinely don’t know, however!’
Pub Crawling Blogs (http://boakandbailey.com/2014/11/pub-crawling-blogs/)

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