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28-10-2014, 20:31
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JNzIlGGApzc/VEv7qsHiIkI/AAAAAAAABl0/qLWoyLAvyko/s1600/Picturehouse%2Bfront.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JNzIlGGApzc/VEv7qsHiIkI/AAAAAAAABl0/qLWoyLAvyko/s1600/Picturehouse%2Bfront.jpg)

The Picture House on Zetland Street, Huddsersfield

On Saturday I found myself retracing the Timbo's steps to Huddersfield's new bar.
I had been meaning to follow up on his earlier post about the opening of The Picture House.
Last weekend I made the trip down Zetland Street, close to the University of Huddersfield campus.
The picture above doesn't show the scope of the bar, which is on several different levels.
Walking in you notice some old fashioned cinema stalls to your right and the bar.
To the left, up a few stairs, is another seating area aimed at couples and large groups.
Up another level still I could see more people and hear the clunk of a pool table.
I headed for the bar, which had five hand pulls, a cider and numerous keg fonts.
I was greeted by enthusiastic staff who explained what was on offer and offered me tasters. I was recommended and went for Australian Blonde 3.8%.
Annoyingly, I cropped the maker's names off the top of the clip photo (below) but a quick text to the oracle down The Star revealed it was likely to be a True North, who brew out of Stancill's premises in Sheffield.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-xkMI21L2pzQ/VEv8Ij0B3_I/AAAAAAAABmE/tufvgliWuxk/s1600/Aussie%2BBlonde.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-xkMI21L2pzQ/VEv8Ij0B3_I/AAAAAAAABmE/tufvgliWuxk/s1600/Aussie%2BBlonde.jpg)
It was a pleasant, good starting out beer, which I could've drunk again as I do like Antipodean hops.
But I needed progression, so onwards to Black Jack's Curse of Mexico Plus Blush Pale Ale, 4.5%. In fact it was more amber in appearance and was made with a combination of American & Australasian hops.
I was part way through it when my food arrived. I must confess this was part of the reason for my visit. I'd heard The Picture House went in for American style food and I wanted to put their burger to the test.
I realise this is a beer blog, so let's just say the Texas Roadhouse passed with flying colours and was washed down with the Black Jack.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ACUxkcHUHNg/VEv8A8KqJkI/AAAAAAAABl8/8w4X4Di3vXY/s1600/picture%2Bhouse%2Bburger.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ACUxkcHUHNg/VEv8A8KqJkI/AAAAAAAABl8/8w4X4Di3vXY/s1600/picture%2Bhouse%2Bburger.jpg)

Black Jack beer and a burger

Black Jack also had another ale on. But it was a lower ABV and I had my eye on the Stancill Porter, 4.4%.
As a dark beer fan I was pleased to hear that one of the pumps at The Picture House was dedicated to a dark beer.
The bar is a free house but has good links to Stancill, so expect to see them on the bar.
The porter went down smoothly and rounded off a pleasant hour in a new place for me in Huddersfield.
The staff were eager to please and informed about what they are selling. So I wish them well with their new venture.
The Picture House reminded me of the type of places I know just off West Street in Sheffield. I found out afterwards that The Picture House is part of the Forum Cafe Bars group, which has several places in the Devonshire Quarter and further afield.
So a little bit of Sheffield in Hudds without the long train ride. Bonus.

For completeness here's a link to Tim's original review:

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