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28-10-2014, 09:29
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UdbzJJPDQdw/VE9gC3tWkZI/AAAAAAAAF5Y/I1aclYm2qPo/s1600/newyorker.png (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UdbzJJPDQdw/VE9gC3tWkZI/AAAAAAAAF5Y/I1aclYm2qPo/s1600/newyorker.png)The cartoon that illustrates this post was sent to me by one of my Yankee chums. My American friends seem to like it, but I'm not so sure.

Let's have a look. It is contemporary being next month's New Yorker magazine. We have obvious hipsters. It looks like it is in a trendy bar, not a restaurant and it has no caption. Does that mean it is self explanatory? Is there some article inside that puts it in context? I don't know. On the face of it, it is a guy having a taste of beer before he confirms his purchase in the same manner as he might with wine. Would that be a bad thing however unlikely? Is it a pop at perceived pretentiousness? Is it a go at hipsters with their pernickity ways? Is it a New York thing or is it more general? I really can't say.

What's your take?

Whatever it is, I love the look on the waiter's face.

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