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16-10-2014, 09:19
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It is not usual that I take a trip on the keg side, not for any deep rooted distrust of the style, but I prefer my beer cask, but yesterday in the Grove, I came across a beer that just intrigued me. I had to try it.

Magic Rock are always an innovative brewery, and being local, if I find a new beer from them, I will try it. Some are to my taste, some not. Yesterday's example was a revelation. 'Pith Head' is a 4.5% beer - I use the word in its loosest sense here !

It is just crammed full of citrus notes, lemon and lime in particular. A bit like a citric cordial but with fizz. May be not the sort of beer for a damp October afternoon, but ideal for sitting watching a game of cricket on a summers day. Massively refreshing, and clean tasting.

I have searched the web site but can find no reference to it,so you will have to put up with my notes. It is key keg, but even so I could find no real body in the beer, nor any discernible hop or malt notes. Whether that was deliberate or not, I cannot say, and how it was brewed was a mystery to me. Was it made with real fruit juice, or concentrate ? Did it use the whole fruit ? It presumably has pith in it, or the name would suggest so. It was just a mystery, but a very interesting beer.

So if some of my fellow editors happen to be in the vicinity in the next few days, maybe they could sample it too and see what they think. I was just sold on it, and in the very near future will return and resample it for my own benefit. It will certainly count for one of my five a day !!

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