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26-03-2010, 15:48
If you are using a Google free mail account to interact with Pubs Galore it may be having problems at the moment. For reasons unknown Google is being a bit grumpy about the Galore Network emails and marking them up as spam which is very annoying, we are abiding by all standard procedures and the other email providers seem to be having no problems. Interestingly the only solution we found that works is basically to use a spammers trick and put lots of redundant (hidden) information in the email at which point magically their spam filter stopped blocking us. We do not intend to do this.

Reading up on it all, the only advise that Google give is that we ask you, our regular users to ensure you mark all our mail as Not Spam. So if you are in a position to do that it would really help us.

In any case if you are using Google mail as part of our site, you should probably keep an eye on the spam folder to make sure you see any of the approval/rejection/forum post updates we send out.

26-03-2010, 16:01
I use googlemail, but not for PuG, I have always thought the spam filters in googlemail were great, amazing just how much they do catch

26-03-2010, 16:05
When it comes to spam filters, I don't mind some false negatives, so some spam getting through to my mail box. A false positive though where good mail gets put into the spam bin is a killer for me, and reading around it would appear we are not the only ones having this problem with GMail.

It is impressive, but on this one it has annoyed me somewhat, and in normal Google fashion there is of course nothing you can do about it.

27-03-2010, 13:43
. in normal Google fashion there is of course nothing you can do about it.

As even the Chinese Government have found out

27-03-2010, 15:37
As even the Chinese Government have found out
I have to admit I'm really not convinced that Google should be trying to make political statements, so I think they are being a little silly on that one as well. Just looking for headlines I reckon.

Just in case I sound too down on them, I do love their maps and am very grateful they let us use them on our site.

29-03-2010, 18:36
Well I use gmail and just got my first notification of a reply to a thread I had subscribed to. I'll be honest, I pop on daily so if those go in my spam box I'm not particularly worried!

29-03-2010, 20:21
Glad to hear they are getting through to someone.

If anyone ever spots anything from us in your spam box, it would be really handy to us if you could mark it as not spam (assuming it isn't of course). The Google spam filter takes these things into account for everyone, so it should help us get the registration emails through to our poor potential members who are missing out.