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24-08-2014, 10:10
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Slubbing Billy's

The Bloke from Hull writes...
Several years ago I was sat in The Navigation at Mirfield on a summer Sunday afternoon. A friendly bunch of people were sat near me and soon I was talking to them. They were members of the Slubbing Billy's Morris Side, of Slaithwaite, having a day off from the rigours of dancing. We got on very well and all took the train to Huddersfield for further imbibement. I subsequently went to see them in action at various venues in the Holme and Colne Valleys and have kept in touch from time to time since.
Founded in 1986, they are a mixed team with members of all ages ranging from newish enthusiastic teenagers to those veterans who have been with the group from the outset.
This year they decided to enact their own prologue to the Yorkshire Stages of the Tour de France to welcome the international cycling fraternity in their own inimitable manner.
At the beginning of June they began Le Clog 8 to promote and celebrate the breweries and top pubs in Huddersfield, which many of us believe to be the centre of the microbrewing world not only in Yorkshire but in Britain! Most of the selected venues were indeed within a few yards of the Tour de France route.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9mJnEDBDioU/U_jCKYdWCHI/AAAAAAAABfc/onTOOb8q5Jk/s1600/Magic%2BRock1.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9mJnEDBDioU/U_jCKYdWCHI/AAAAAAAABfc/onTOOb8q5Jk/s1600/Magic%2BRock1.jpg)

Magic Rock Brewing

On June 3rd Stage 1 began with lots of energetic and enthusiastic dancing, laughs and giggles and some lovely real ale at the Magic Rock Brewery at Oakes and continued with Stage 2 down in town at the fabulous Sportsman pub. A great start indeed.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Gu6ykn2AlUE/U_jDSH-fUBI/AAAAAAAABfs/0TDd1F_lhcY/s1600/Sporstman.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Gu6ykn2AlUE/U_jDSH-fUBI/AAAAAAAABfs/0TDd1F_lhcY/s1600/Sporstman.jpg)

The Sportsman

A week later Stages 3 and 4 took place down at Lockwood with dancing at the home of Mallinsons and Briggs Signature Ales followed by drinking at the welcoming real ale mecca nearby, The Star at Folly Hall.
Stage 5 took place on June 17th and saw the Billy’s do some fine dancing for a very appreciative and varied audience outside the Hand Drawn Monkey Brewery at Lindley and it was then down to Chapel Hill for Stage 6 at the brilliant Rat and Ratchet brew pub.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-lZnq7Mln93A/U_jDoKi_2uI/AAAAAAAABf0/n7eWzTZ6heA/s1600/billys%2Bbadge-hires%2B(1).jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-lZnq7Mln93A/U_jDoKi_2uI/AAAAAAAABf0/n7eWzTZ6heA/s1600/billys%2Bbadge-hires%2B(1).jpg)
The following week, the Tour ventured into the Holme Valley for Stages 7 and 8 at the Summer Wine Brewery in Honley followed by The Nook Brewhouse at Holmfirth. The evening was filled with more fabulous dancing, more fun and more wonderful beer than you could shake a stick (with bells on) at!
July 1 saw the final hurrah of the Tour de Dance at The Bridge in Holmbridge with lovely beer and fantastic dancing. The visit had been planned when the Bridge was due to have been brewing (hence it being the last venue) but those plans were delayed. A return is planned taste their beer when up and running. Fortunately young Mr. Briggs had commenced brewing in the meantime to restore the brewery total to eight.
With a training regime like that it was a sure thing that the Slubbing Billy's were ready for the big event

just a few days later!
New members, to dance, play or just follow are always welcome – details can be found on their website: http://www.slubbingbillys.co.uk/

Post script: Apologies to The BFH for the lateness of this post. The fault was entirely mine. AA.

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