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10-08-2014, 11:07
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In response to*Friday’s post about pop star brewers (http://boakandbailey.com/2014/08/pop-star-brewers/), we got an email from a brewer, who wishes to remain anonymous…I think there are a couple of important points you haven’t discussed in it, as, not surprisingly you haven’t really looked at it through the brewer(s)y eyes.

Firstly, there is unbelievable demands from bars/pubs/restaurants/festivals for brewery appearances at anything and everything. We say no to way more than 50 per cent and yet do an event or two pretty much every week. You get quite practised at public appearances, and therefore most people get pretty good at doing them. Often the shy guy ends up doing it when no one else can!

Secondly, most of the small breweries you talk about struggle to get by (paying themselves below average salaries) and use these sorts of events as their main marketing tool. It’s a way to connect with the public and compete against the big boys with the only tool that they have at their disposal — themselves and their story. With social media helping to carry that message.

I personally don’t think people get in to brewing to get ‘famous’ even in a weird beery way, but if you happen to be good at standing up in front of people, you will be asked to do it again and again.
Some food for thought.
We should clarify that we don’t fundamentally have a problem with ‘meet the brewer’ events, as long as the*ability to brew great beer remains more important than*star quality.
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