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08-07-2014, 18:13
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-gplPFHUfYoI/U7wzKJHPyvI/AAAAAAAABaw/e-nDkA3xyPs/s1600/Sunfest+flier+JPEG.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-gplPFHUfYoI/U7wzKJHPyvI/AAAAAAAABaw/e-nDkA3xyPs/s1600/Sunfest+flier+JPEG.jpg)

The Rising Sun is hosting its annual Sunfest beer festival from Thursday to Sunday.
The Abbeydale alehouse in Nether Green, Sheffield will be home to more than 100 beers when its car park, off Fulwood Road, gets the marquee treatment this weekend.
Abbeydale, posting on their Facebook page, said: "Some very interesting beers this year. Siren Craft Brew (https://www.facebook.com/SirenCraftBrew), Totally Brewed (https://www.facebook.com/totallybrewed), Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. (https://www.facebook.com/tinyrebelbrewingco), Dark Star Brewing Co (https://www.facebook.com/darkstarbrewco) & Bristol Beer Factory (https://www.facebook.com/bristolbeerfactory) to name a few. Seems to be a bit of a brewery collaboration theme starting too. At least five beers on the list are two breweries working together for a better tomorrow."
There is a preview of the festival on page four of the the July edition Sheffield CAMRA's Beer Matters (http://www.sheffieldcamra.org.uk/beer-matters/) which talks of craft keg, cider, music and food.
Getting there: The pub is at 471 Fulwood Road, Nether Green S10 3QA. It's on the 120 bus route which runs every 20 minutes from the city.
Link to beer list:

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