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02-07-2014, 09:43
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For those of you who have been waiting for some snippets of wisdom from my laptop, I apologise for my lack of input recently, but quite frankly I have found little in the beer world to inspire me to type.

I am getting a bit saturated with all the World Cup beers, albeit now England have no further interest they are getting less, but they are being replaced with a whole host of velocipede related beers. None have really hit the spot with me, despite lots of efforts to find the right one. And lets face it, I will keep on trying until I do find the holy grail !

I did think I would share this little gem with you that I discovered on a pump clip yesterday. I will not name the brewery, its not really fair, but the tasting notes they had provided for the beer said "Spicy, classic,coffee and Mild". I thought nothing it until I wrote it in my book, 'Bobbys Best Bitter' . What !!! To be honest it did taste like a bitter, and I got none of the other notes. But surely the notes on the clip should at least vaguely resemble the beer style.

Before you start writing to complain, I have had several ginger beers that have never seen ginger, and lots of fruit beer that do not taste of fruit. So maybe 'caveat emptor' could be the watchword here.

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