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24-06-2014, 09:46
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I had a pint with one of my local landlords at the weekend while visiting his pub. I like to do this when I can, as it keeps me in touch with what's happening locally - essential for my day job as CAMRA Branch chairman. I asked if the World Cup was helping trade and he pulled a face. While he had 90 or so in his vault watching England on Thursday night, his thriving (but TV free) lounge and restaurant were more or less empty and his beer garden, on one of the most pleasant and warmest nights of the year had nary a soul in it.

The assembled horde in the vault supped plenty of beer, but overall, his trade on the day was well down. This contrasted with when England played late - after normal usual closing time - when people could have their normal night out, then go home and watch the game, while as a bonus, the vault (the only part of the pub with TV), was again filled with extra custom. We talked about whether he could have put TV in other areas of the pub for this four yearly event only, but although he considered it, the logistics, as well as the fact that it isn't what he is trying to achieve in his pub, ruled it out. He felt it better overall to just take the hit on what will, sadly, turn out to be one night only. He isn't expecting much from the last and meaningless England game either trade - or indeed football wise. Overall the World Cup has, on balance, been good for trade, but it has been a bit lumpy and certainly not a money spinner..

He wasn't pleased to see England go home early by any means, but it seems, life for some pub landlords at least, will be simpler now.
Lees new seasonal, Golden Peddler, is pretty decent too, assuming you actually want a beer to drink as opposed to beer as an intellectual exercise.

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