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23-06-2014, 22:30
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It’s that time of year again where I get to promote the Ramfest music festival at Southowram Cricket Club. This year we have moved to Saturday 5th July as a one off due to all cricket being cancelled for the weekend, so you have a chance to have a day to recover from 9 hours of great music from 8 fantastic bands and 1 cracking DJ, good BBQ food (plus a vegan van for the non meat eaters) and the best value beer you find at any local music festival this summer. Entry is just £5 per adult and children come along free.
This year sees us reach our fifth birthday and to mark this not only do we have many of our fantastic artists who have entertained the crowds over the last few years returning in the form of While the Cats Away, Oblivion, Rox Off, My Brother Jake and Fork Handles, but we have added some amazing groups to the line up, with Three and a Half Men making their debut with the well known Psychoslinkys opening the festival at 1.15pm. However we have managed to get one of the best party bands in the area to close the festival this year with the International Party Doctors starting the final set at 7.30pm until they want to stop! Along with DJ Ben Bottomley, a regular on the Halifax club scene, who is providing interval and post event music, this year is our best lineup ever.
There is plenty for the kids to do as well with Hook and Duck, Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Coconut Shy and the Stocks (only soft fruit please). With free car parking, the best sound system you will hear outside of a major music venue and a brand new stage, there is no better way to support our two deserving charities who both support young people and their families when they are diagnosed with cancer. Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and Candlelighters will both be on site on the day, raising funds in various ways including a club member Ian Gledhill getting his head shaved for Candlelighters as well as various other players getting their legs waxed for the same cause.
You can find out more at www.facebook.com/ramfest2014 (http://forums.pubsgalore.co.uk/www.facebook.com/ramfest2014), but I promise if you come along I’ll shut up about it for another 12 months!
Now onto regular business, last month I was over in Majorca for 10 days. Plenty of nice beers were partaken including more than one chance to drink Estrella Gallicia both in its dark and light forms. Of all the main Spanish brands, it is that little bit deeper in flavour than the likes of Cruzcampo, San Miguel and Mahou. All of the latter brands are now available in at least one pub on draft in the Calderdale area as well as in most major supermarkets, so it makes the annual sampling of it a rare treat. In the UK it would certainly not be in my search out beers given the amount of good ale and beer both in draft and bottle form. However only a handful of countries are even in the same league as the UK when it comes to range and quality of beer (arguably USA, Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium make up the top tier).
But you have to put some perspective on things, the Spanish beer market is dominated by the companies listed above with tourist areas importing in the big German brands, Guinness and the worst of English brands in Fosters, John Smith, Carling for the visitors. Something which gives that little extra satisfaction is what you are looking for in this case.
Finally I’m going to have a little moan about the Tour De France. In the host country, the route is lined with cars, camper vans, tents and trailers leaving just enough room with spectators for a bike to pass when out in the countryside. Roads are painted by locals all along the route and the french are just allowed to have fun and show off their village / town. But not here in Britain, in Kirklees every external display has to be approved by the council, the Holme Moss Demilitarized Zone is littered with large stones on the edge of laybys to stop people parking as well as signs every 5 metres telling you what you can’t do. And don’t even mention the Tour De France, Le Tour or Le Grand Departe in advertising, or anything remotely similar. How are local authorities so good at taking what should be a joyous once in a lifetime event for Yorkshire and making it so prescriptive, they must practice it! Until next week.

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