View Full Version : Pub Crawl from Marylebone please

21-03-2010, 10:32
We will arrive at Marylebone station around 10.30 on Tuesday, and wondered if anyone had a good pub crawl route we could follow for the day.


21-03-2010, 10:42
Marylebone is an area that I have overlooked for some time so any crawl ideas will also be of use to me at some stage.

21-03-2010, 11:08
Not so much a crawl, Gill, but I've visited numerous pubs in that area. Depends how far you want to walk of course, but here's a starter for ten:

Windsor Castle, Crawford Place
Duke of York, Harrowby St
Royal Exchange, Sale Place
Victoria, Strathearn Place
Mitre, Craven Terrace
Leinster Arms, Leinster Terrace

Not sure about opening times - a 10.30 start may force you down the JDW route for the first one. Others may come up with refinements or other options of course, but you could do a lot worse than visit these pubs.

21-03-2010, 13:17
London pubs are really a new canvas for me, and I was wanting to try and get to some pubs I have heard mentioned for ale variety.

Wenlock Arms
Market Porter
Bree Louise

They are 4 I have heard of, and I know I will need to get round on the underground to plot these somehow.

I have found some of those you mentioned in GBG and have plotted them on my map. Don't know how many I can get round, but will enjoy the day trying.

21-03-2010, 13:27
The Market Porter and Rake are barely 50 yards apart. The Wheatsheaf is also round the corner and does a decent number of ales and the Royal Oak & Lord Clyde are also not far away.

21-03-2010, 15:44
Knowing Gill is such a devoted beer sampler, I think some pubs with greater choice should be mentioned.
Re Wenlock Gill, I've had the feeling on my last couple of visits that they may be resting on their laurels somewhat, and I found the service and ale quality rather better at the Old Fountain nr Old Street.
I'd suggest Edgar Wallace (Essex St) & Castle (Furnival St) for 16 HPs between them and you could add the Old Mitre & Jerusalem Tavern to make a quartet which is walkable (20 mins 1st to last?). From Jerusalem walk up to Clerkenwell Rd for bus to Old St (Old fountain &/or Wenlock). Precede all these with Harp (bakerloo Marylebone>Charing Cross) followed by bus along Strand to Edgar W (say hello to Shane for me!). Knights Templar is not a bad spoons en route if you wanted a look at what they have available. Market Porter, still a regular meeting place for us but beers not overly exciting recently, (new) Wheatsheaf - I haven't been back since only visit found the beer served so cold it was devoid of flavour, Rake - I've been in a couple of times but never had a drink! (do they only have 2 HPs? I don't understand the hype). Bree Louise, yes they have beers on stillage as well as the pumps (50p off for CAMRA card); don't think the pub itself is great, but fair play for the ale direction.
There's a new kid on the block in N.London - the Southampton Arms is much changed since Strongers review here & now serves ~ 8HPs plus ciders. It may be a stretch too far, esp if you are also heading the other way for Market Porter. You'll just have to visit more than once Gill!


ps. be prepared for prices ~3.00 - 3.30!

22-03-2010, 12:45
OMG.....between here and the Scoopgen crawl we are in for such a brilliant day.

Caravan at Denham now so we will not have long to wait.

Thank you everybody. Will let you know how we get on.