View Full Version : Isle of Sheppey

Manky Badger
19-03-2010, 18:24
Does anyone know of a half-way decent pub on the isle of Sheppey?
I've been to the Ship on Shore (which isn't bad), but I was wondering if there's anywhere there which has more has one ale on?

19-03-2010, 19:03
A visit to the the Harty Ferry Inn - now called the Ferry House Inn, I think - is a must for its location (about as away from it all as you can get in southern England). It's a few years since I've been, but the beer was OK (if unexceptional) when I last went and was (and hopefully still is) a fine place for a pint if sitting outside on the terrace on a sunny day...

20-03-2010, 11:43
My sister has just bought a house in Minster on the Isle of Sheppey so I am looking forward to visiting and exploring the area.