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27-05-2014, 12:22
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How do you fancy winning a mixed case of 15 beers and copy of Brew Britannia?When Beer Hawk told us they wanted to stock*Brew Britannia, we asked if we could suggest (ahem — ‘curate’) a mixed case of*beer to go with it, and they said, “Yes!”
Bearing in mind that we had to choose (more or less) from their catalogue, we’re pretty pleased with the selection, which includes influential Belgian and American beers, historical homages, and beers which have played a significant part in the last 50 years of British brewing (http://www.beerhawk.co.uk/brew-britannia-687).
We’ve written a short guide to go with it, which also suggests (no joke) which chapter of the book to ‘pair’ each beer with.
Now, Beer Hawk are offering two people chance to win one of these packs.
To enter, simply comment below, telling us, in no more than 100 words, about the single most memorable beer you’ve ever tasted.
Entries received after 5pm BST on Friday 6 June won’t be valid, so get your comment in before then, and make sure to use a valid email address so we can let you know if you’ve won.
We’ll contact the two winners by email on Saturday 7 June and announce their names in another blog post once we’ve confirmed their acceptance of the prize, probably (hopefully) on Sunday 8 June.
This is just a bit of fun, but…
Terms and conditions and rules and regulations and health and safety

This competition is only open to residents of mainland UK and Northern Ireland.
Entries received after 5pm on Friday 6 June will be invalid.
We reserve the right to disqualify entries for suspected cheating, or any other reason whatsoever.
There is no right of appeal; we won’t debate terms and conditions; and any misunderstandings are the fault of the contestant.
We’ll choose the two winners at random.
Once we’ve emailed the winners to get their postal addresses for despatch, they’ll have 48 hours to respond or*the prize will default to another randomly chosen winner.
If you don’t like those terms, don’t enter.

Win Brew Britannia Beers (http://boakandbailey.com/2014/05/win-brew-britannia-beers/)

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