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20-05-2014, 06:36
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Picture: Bloke From Hull

The Navigation Tavern in Mirfield is showcasing 32 beers from Lincolnshire at its festival this week.
The event at the Station Road will run from Thursday, May 22 until Monday, May 26.
It is expected to get underway sometime around 2pm on Thursday.
Here's the beer list:
8 Sail
Blonde 4.0% Blonde
Merry Miller 4.1% Traditional Bitter
Victorian Porter 5.0% Porter
Black Widow 5.5% Dark Ruby Mild
Millwright Mild 3.5% Dark Mild
Hogsgate 5.1% Strong Golden
Long Lane 4.0% Golden Best Bitter
Blue Bell
Old Honesty 4.1% Bitter
Old Fashioned 4.8% Premium Best Bitter
Hop A Doodle Doo 4.3% Copper Ale
Decadence 4.4% Golden Ale
Darker Side of the Moon 4.2% Strong Mild
Moonlight 3.8% Light Citrus Beer
Luvly Jubblies 4.2% Golden Ale
Zen 3.8% Amber Brown
Legacy 4.3% Brown Bitter
Sumo 5.2% Golden Amber
Black Mule 7.0% Imperial IPA / Imperial Porter Hybrid
Heavenly Blonde 3.8% Blonde
Old Boy 4.8% Full Bodied Amber Ale
Sunnydaze 4.0% Pale Gold Wheat Beer
Lincoln Best 4.2% Best Bitter
Rock Ape 3.8% Pale Ale
Screaming Eagle Stout 4.0% Stout
Tropico 3.5% Session Pale Ale
Hedgerow Gold 4.4% Light Golden Summer Ale
Pleasant Pheasant 4.2% Copper/Brown Bitter
Star Brewing Company
Comet 3.8% Session Bitter
Sirius 5.2% American Style IPA
Nebula 4.1% Extra Pale Heavily Hopped Summer Ale
Tydd Steam
Cock 4.2% Premium Dark Mild
Barn Ale 3.9% Pale Session Bitter

There will also be the usual house beers from Theakston's, John Smith's and Caledonian.
The Navigation is handily located just off Mirfield Railway Station.

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