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16-05-2014, 11:40
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-t-CioqZ17W0/U3XVU_yrRMI/AAAAAAAABTI/mpGO9aIXDzI/s1600/Two+Roses+best+HP+view.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-t-CioqZ17W0/U3XVU_yrRMI/AAAAAAAABTI/mpGO9aIXDzI/s1600/Two+Roses+best+HP+view.jpg)

Dan Jarvis MP, left, and
James Taylor of Two Roses Brewery

An out of this world Australian hopped beer - brewed by a Lancastrian in Yorkshire - is going down a storm in Parliament.
Galaxy by Two Roses Brewery,from Barnsley, has been on at The Strangers' Bar in the Palace of Westminster since Monday.
And two of the five casks in the cellar have already been emptied. It sounds like the Right Honourable Members have voted with their palates.
This fine bit of political PR for Two Roses came about thanks to Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis.
The Labour politician and ex soldier toured Two Roses' Darton base in May 2013 to see how small businesses were coping in the tough economic climate.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6JrviHLXerQ/U3XXkWxmmuI/AAAAAAAABTU/6YpgpW7S1pg/s1600/Two+Rosers+Galaxy.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6JrviHLXerQ/U3XXkWxmmuI/AAAAAAAABTU/6YpgpW7S1pg/s1600/Two+Rosers+Galaxy.jpg)

Mr Jarvis went on to praise the brewery, now in its third year, and its hook up with The Talbot Inn in nearby Mapplewell.
It seems that brewery visit forged an ale alliance. Mr Jarvis has now exercised the parliamentary custom where an MP can nominate an ale from his or her constituency to feature at The Strangers' Bar.
Now this isn't any old pub. The Strangers' Bar is billed as one of the UK's most exclusive.
The cask marque accredited establishment has got rather a strict guest list: it is only open to MPs, parliamentary staff and the invited.
James got his lucky ticket on Wednesday when he travelled down to London for some ceremonial quality control.
He was given a tour of the political village and got to taste his ale in The Strangers' Bar.
James told aswiftone about his "great day out" during an unscheduled pit-stop at the brewery on Thursday.
My bottle buying visit had been prompted by a tweet from "The Ginger Beer King" about drinking a Tour de France celebratory beer from Two Roses.
It's called T'Yellow Jersey: Yorkshire Ale. The pale 4.2% beer is brewed with French hop Aramis and English counterpart Admiral.
I remember Mallinson's single hopped Aramis beer of last year (?) with great fondness and I'm glad to say T'Yellow Jersey is another winner too.
It is very quaffable, so I guess I'll have to drink it in stages otherwise I'll be making another trip to the brewery all too soon.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-k6Fpi2_ky74/U3Uf5wm9qPI/AAAAAAAABS0/7ndcXxVtfIY/s1600/Two+Roses+Yellow+Jersey.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-k6Fpi2_ky74/U3Uf5wm9qPI/AAAAAAAABS0/7ndcXxVtfIY/s1600/Two+Roses+Yellow+Jersey.jpg)

Pictures courtesy of Two Roses

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