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15-05-2014, 06:26
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here I am. After a relaxing 16-hour journey.

How many things did I have to worry about today? A lot. Not all connected with the trip. My biggest fear was missing the connection in Houston.

It all went swimmingly. I would have even had time for a beer or two in the airport. Too knackered and relieved for that.

The final 3-hour leg from Houston to San Diego seemed to take for ever. But that could have been to do with my choice of reading matter: Government Intervention in the Brewing Industry.

I know. I had less geeky alternatives. Earlier. On the Amsterdam Houston leg I watched a series of shitty comedy films. Soul-destroying and time-consuming at the same time.

Then there was Private Eye. I'd kept a virgin issue to take with me. Quite a bit of it I gobbled down during my usual security shakedown at Schiphol. They pluck me out, grill me and sometimes make me to drop my kecks. Keeping my trousers up made me feel like a winner.

On the final leg to San Diego, the video programming wasn't free. The dry economic tone was my only option. When I could get my eyes to focus on the text. Not sure it would have been much more fun unblurred.

The immigration people in the US are much nicer. Pleasant, friendly. Though everyone is a bit sweaty after 10 hours crossing the Atlantic. My natural sweatiness is why they always select me for the underwear treatment in Schiphol.

I almost forgot; supposed to be telling you about where I'll be tomorrow:
Liberty Station
16:00 – 18:00 meet/greet and a book signing.

2816 Historic Decatur Road
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 269-2100

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-p-K4Nuzu9RU/UvJKCsXUszI/AAAAAAAAS98/6cnV5PBFerc/s1600/Vintage_Beer_cover_new.jpg (http://www.amazon.com/Home-Brewers-Guide-Vintage-Beer/dp/1592538827)
I'll be signing my amazing new book. And chatting amiably with anyone who isn't an arsehole. If I have the chance.

Dropped by Ballast Point this evening. A bit disappointed that out of all their draught beers they only had one Dark Mild. Not really taking Mild Month seriously

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer (http://www.amazon.com/Home-Brewers-Guide-Vintage-Beer/dp/1592538827).

The books were here. The ones I got the publisher to send. Almost forgot that worry. Bit of a worry trousers,aren't I?

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