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03-05-2014, 13:07
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A couple of years ago I reported (perhaps slightly flippantly) on the quest (http://pubcurmudgeon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/cat-crawl.html) of Cathy Price from Preston to visit all of the pubs in the country bearing the name of Red Lion. She has recently sent me an update on her progress:
Here is an update on my journey all over Britain. I am now on Red Lion number 433 and just past the 3 year anniversary. I have under 200 more to go and I am aiming to get them done as near to my 4th year anniversary as possible which is 09/04/2015. I will end in my very first one in Hawkshead where there will be big celebrations.

This is turning out to be an amazing quest taking me to hundreds of Towns and Villages I would never have been to for any other reason not to mention the characters I meet along the way. In July I will be visiting Guernsey, I have 22 to do in Kent, lots more around London. I have been to my most Northern and most Southern, all Devon and Cornwall were visited in 2012 in a Campervan. I have been educated on lots of historical facts about Britain and travelled tens of thousands of miles with only one speed ticket, no punctures and just one note about my bad parking!!

The 500th will be later this year then there is serious countdown.
All credit to her. The journey must give a fascinating insight into a cross-section of British pub life –and British society in general. I’ll certainly raise a glass to her when she’s completed her mission.
You can follow Cathy on Twitter at @RedLion_Quest (https://twitter.com/RedLion_Quest), or like her Facebook page Cathys-Crazy-Red-Lion-Pub-Crawl (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cathys-Crazy-Red-Lion-Pub-Crawl/)

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