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25-04-2014, 07:13
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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ZFXL2A1lto0/U1j-wBe_TYI/AAAAAAAAFpU/fCJAD0T_9K0/s1600/scarborough+black+logo1.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ZFXL2A1lto0/U1j-wBe_TYI/AAAAAAAAFpU/fCJAD0T_9K0/s1600/scarborough+black+logo1.jpg)The CAMRA Member's Weekend and AGM is in Scarborough this year and I'll be off there later this morning. Let's hope for decent beer and sunny weather. This being the UK, neither is guaranteed of course. This year there is little to excite on the agenda, with only oblique references to craft beer and the rest seeming a bit stodgy really. This is a pity, though perhaps Motion 11 might throw up some controversy depending on the approach that is taken. We'll see.
MOTION 11This Conference amends the key campaigns as recommended by the Policy Discussion Group on Campaigning Focus as they are not focused enough on the strengths of real ale, cider and perry over their non-real counterparts. These key campaigns must be updated by replacing generic references to beer with real ale, or adding suitable wording to encompass real ale, cider, and perry.
Proposed by Chelmsford & Mid-Essex Branch

If this is anti craft I'll likely be firmly opposing it. If it is just pro real ale I likely won't be. We'll have to see.

Preceding this is one decent motion that might get things going a bit and which seems to me to make eminent sense. That's Motion 9.
MOTION 9This Conference is concerned about the increasing tendency for some cask ales to be brewed to be served hazy or cloudy and the potential for both confusion at the point of sale and the undermining of customer confidence in real ale. It therefore instructs the National Executive to examine the matter and report back to next year’s Conference with its findings and, if necessary, proposals to remedy or ameliorate the situation.
Proposed by Peter Alexander, seconded by Graham Donning

These seem like a couple of sensible guys. I wonder what they'll say? I'll let you know.
Sadly we'll be saying goodbye to our Chief Exec Mike Benner. He is off to boss SIBA, so at least he is still in beer. That's good.

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