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23-04-2014, 20:24
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This is just a quick reminder about two beer festivals which start in Huddersfield town centre tomorrow (Thursday).
The Sportsman on St John's Road is celebrating its fifth birthday with celebratory beers from local brewers like Summer Wine, Empire and Golcar.
And The Rat and Ratchet on Chapel Hill is staging its third annual Rat Inn-Fest with 20 plus ales. It is hosting a meet the brewer tutored beer preview at 7pm on Thursday. The festival kicks off in earnest on Friday.
Check out this link to a previous post for more details:

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Ftxs5VWhsw4/U1gAOGY3l1I/AAAAAAAABOI/XdMUoAqon94/s1600/Rat+&+Ratchet+Will.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Ftxs5VWhsw4/U1gAOGY3l1I/AAAAAAAABOI/XdMUoAqon94/s1600/Rat+&+Ratchet+Will.jpg)
In other news I had a very enjoyable trip on Easter Monday to two other beer festivals.
My highlights at The Junction's beers in the wood festival in Castleford were Elland's 1872 Porter, aged for 12 months in a whisky cask, and Five Towns St George's Ale.
I also made it to the final stages of The Old No.7's Easter beer and cider festival in Barnsley where I stumbled across a new beer. To be precise, Hooded Ram Brewery's Fat Ram Colonial Not So Pale Ale, 4.5%.
The tasting notes revealed the beer from the Ilse of Man outfit was an "American Pale Ale which turned out to be darker than intended. Hops from America and Australia with British Malt provide a full malt feel and a big hop finish".
It lived up to the billing and lingered on the palate long after the train home. I complimented the brewery via twitter and they told me: "They are our first beers off the Ilse of Man!!"
It turned out they'd had six beers on at the Old No.7 festival as had compatriots Bushy's Brewery.
It's a real pity that I didn't get to the mini Manx festival sooner, which also featured beers from various Barnsley breweries.
The moral of this tale is to not to leave beer festivals until the last moment!

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