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Al 10000
30-03-2014, 19:05
I thought i would give Rotherham a go having not been there since January 1987.

It was a earylish start and i was taking photo'sof pubs i have already done in the town all those years ago

My first new pub was the Rhinoceros a Spoons,down to earth and very busy at 10.15 in the morning,i had a drink of
Ossett Big Red which went down very well,i had a bit of a walk round town and then found the Corn Law Rhymer

This pub is another Spoons,it seemed dark dreary and lacked any atmoshpere,i had a drink of Acorn 4 Monkeys
i was soon out of this pub and onto the bus station for a bus up to Greasborough,i got off the bus when a saw a pub i had
not know about,this pub was called the Alpine but not open at 11.15.

I then walked into the middle of Greasborough passed 6 pubs none open,so i decided to wait outside the Prince of Wales
11.55 and i was finally in the pub,a nice basic two roomed pub,i had a drink of Pheasantry Tank Ale,a short walk and i was in the

Crown Inn,a keg house i had a drink of Stones bitter whch was cold,another very short walk and i was in the Ship Inn,a nice
Looking pub from the outside,sadly no real ales here,i had a drink of John Smiths extra cold crap which it was.

Another short walk and was in the yellow lion a really nice looking pub both inside and out,2 real ales on the bar,i had a
drink of Bradfield farmers Blonde,Forest were only 1 nill down so i was hopefull of a decent result,how wrong could i be.

Just up from the Yellow Lion is the Milton Arms a decent 2 roomed pub but some of the main room set aside for diners
2 real ales on the bar,i had a drink of Bradfield Farmers Blonde,back down the hill and i was in the Alpine,a typical estate
pub and the sort of pub i really like doing.

There were no real ales on the bar,i had a drink of keg Samuel Smiths Yorkshire bitter at 95p a half and a decent drink
this pub was not on Pubs Galore,i have since added it but it is yet to appear.
Another good walk i was in the very large Kepples.

This is another estate type pub but there was one real ale on here Sharps Doom Bar which was a decent drink.
A good walk to the next pub and the rain had started to come down,after sheltering i finally got to the Plough
A decent estate pub with one real ale on which was Bradfield farmers Blonde which was the best of the day for this drink.

I was now at the top end of Greasborough and now heading into Kimberworth Park a large estate,but the rian was
becoming more heavy and frequent.
My next pub was the Kimberworth Park,a Marstons house with 2 real ales on,i had a drink of Marstons EPA which was
quite nice,not really my sort of pub though,too child frieldly.

A shortish walk and another unexpected pub the Haynook another pub not on Pubs galore,this was a large estate pub
that had a bit of character to it,there was one real on here,Sharps Doom Bar which was a decent drink.
I was now heading back towards Rotherham,but loads more pubs to do yet.

The Pewter Pot was my next pub a typical estate pub with no real ales on,i had a drink of John Smiths smooth crap
this was a pretty poor drink,but probably better than the other keg bitter Boddingtons cream crap.
A very short walk through some narrow alleyways and twitchells and i was back on the main wortley road

The Drawbridge was my next pub,an unusuall looking estate pub,one real ale on here Bombardier which was ok.
The pubs were now coming thick and fast with 4 quite close to each other.

The Colin was the first pub,3 real ales on i had a drink of Hendersons Relish a decent enough drink,this pub was packed late
afternoon,a very short walk and i was in the Green Dragon a decent looking pub,but no real ales on,i had a drink of
Stones bitter which was drinkable.

The Travellers was just dowhill a proper looking pub,one real ale on Moorhouses Pride of Pendle a nice drink in a decent pub
a very short walk and i was in the Manor Barn,a decent looking pub and more upmarket than any pub i had been in up to now
there was only one real ale on Sharps Doom Bar which was a decent drink.

I now had to decide which was to head back to the station,i decided to walk up to the Ring O' Bells which was further than
i thought it would be,it looked like an estate pub from the outside but was quite smart and food orentated,a Greene King
house with2 real ales on,i had a drink of GK IPA which was ok.

Back down the road and on the home stretch,the Midland was my next pub,very busy and livley inside,but no real ales on
i had a drink of John Smiths Magnet which went down well.

The next pub was to be my last unbeknown to me at the time,the New Inn was quite a nice pub fairly basic but i liked it
no real ales on,i had a drink of Stones bitter which was ok.

My next pub was going to be the Effingham Arms but it was not open at 6.40 in the evening so i decided to go to the Kingfisher
this was another big let down,so i headed back to the train station

This was a great day out,i was surprised to see all pubs open in Greasley and Kimberworth apart from the Effingham Arms

Of the 22 pubs 15 had real ale on with 7 being keg houses,not too bad considering most were on estates.