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20-03-2014, 08:40
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Those of us lucky enough to know Sam at the Star at Folly Hall know she loves her music, and loves it loud as well ! But we were a little surprised when we saw the beer list and the pump clips for the current beer festival how many music themed beers she had managed to cram into it, either knowingly or unwittingly. Here is just a selection.

Mallinsons 'Spring...steen' is a homage to the 'Boss', just check out the pump clip. Not to be outdone Briggs Signature offering is 'Symphony No1' - with a clip showing an orchestra. Revolutions are noted for their music related beers; 'Dare' and 'Go Go' are on the bar here. Purple Moose has 'Calon Lan' - the famous Welsh anthem; Pilot has 'Vienna'; Brown Ales 'Quadrophenia', Salamander 'Queens Ransom' (again check out the pump clip) , Five Towns 'A Day At The Races', and Brew Co 'Ice Ice Baby'.

And that is without the tenuous connections that you can make with some of the other beers as you get further into your sampling session.Try Ilkley 'American Smooth' or Four Thorns 'Fiddling Beaver for example.

Thanks to Charlie for his assistance in spotting some of the more obscure references, and apologies for any others I may have missed.

More... (http://www.aswiftone.com/2014/03/star-festival-singalong.html)