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14-03-2014, 07:42
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http://goodfoodgoodbeer.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/bbclogo.jpg?w=300&h=216 (http://goodfoodgoodbeer.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/bbclogo.jpg)I’m not involved (or attending, in fact) the European Beer Bloggers Conference (http://beerbloggersconference.org/europe/)in Dublin this year due to a new arrival in the household in late summer, but I’ll take this opportunity to heartily recommend going. The agenda (or rather the first outlines of it) have just been posted up on the EBBC site and although I can imagine some of you may be put off by the involvement of Guinness/Diageo, don’t be. The reality is is that these events costs a hell of a lot to host, and having a wide range of sponsors (plus your joining fee) is vital, unfortunately.
Still, you get out of it what you put in – and I’ve personally found the last two (Leeds and Edinburgh) to be really, really useful. The talks are generally very interesting, and having access to some of the ‘professionals’ – be it in the beer/brewing side of things or the writing/technical side of blogging – which is what it’s about – is something that shouldn’t be passed up. I’ve also put faces to names to bloggers that I’ve admired previously, and met new ones. *Anyway, that’s enough from me – if you want to progress your blog, meet people, and step out from behind the screen, this is your event. Oh, and I forgot – there’s plenty of beer to drink, too.

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