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13-03-2014, 09:13
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One of the success stories in brewing in the last few years have been beers brewed with Citra hops. It is hard to believe that they have only been around for abut five years and in that short time they have become a 'go to' hop for both brewers and drinkers alike. Many single hop Citra beers have become classics - if you see Oakham 'Citra' on a bar for example, you know it will be good, likewise Great Heck's version, and many others I could mention.

An American hop variety, high in alpha acids and imparting a citric fruitness to beer - clean and refreshing, and often, as I have discovered often to my cost, very moreish.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Rl-uamMDWrI/UyFvuux0CDI/AAAAAAAAAx8/5Q-GVoOrI5w/s1600/IMG_0549.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Rl-uamMDWrI/UyFvuux0CDI/AAAAAAAAAx8/5Q-GVoOrI5w/s1600/IMG_0549.JPG)A couple of days ago I was perusing the 'taunting pole' in The Grove, when I saw an unfamiliar pump clip. Closer examination revealed a Whitstable brewery beer 'Citra'. I have always enjoyed Whitstable beers but have never come across their 'Citra'. As luck would have it it was on the bar yesterday, and I was eager to try it. What a revelation !

The beers I have mentioned earlier are great beers - but taken in comparison with the Whitstable offering - seem a little one dimensional. Plenty of hop flavour but may be lacking a bit of background and body. Not so this gem. Of course there is the hop taste you would expect with tropical tastes to the fore but they are perfectly balanced by an interesting malt base. One gets an initial hop burst, but that develops with a biscuity (if that's a word !) taste leading to a complex and well crafted beer. In the short time I was there, as my intended half became a pint, then a pint and a half, other customers also commented on the beer and it seemed to be the afternoon's beer of choice, even for those used to the stronger, more hoppy flavoured beers.

Anyway - must dash - need to get back to try it again.

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