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07-03-2014, 07:47
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In the news: The Rat and Ratchet. Picture by Will

As the supposed news gatherer of this blog, I can't begin to tell you how galling it is to be scooped over and over gain by a certain gentleman from Humberside.
This time the BFH has told me about one of our pubs making the national press.
Huddersfield's very own The Rat and Ratchet, was featured in The Daily Telegraph's Pint to Pint section earlier this month.
The article (link below) by Chris Arnot states: "The Rat & Ratchet is a no‑nonsense alehouse with several drinking areas, a dart board, a high‑backed settle or two, exposed floorboards and a central island of impressive black-and-white tiles topped by a vintage jukebox and the sort of pinball machine that I last saw in a students’ union in the days before decimal currency."
Mr Arnot's opening gambit is about the style of pork pie you can find in the Chapel Hill based pub. He adds: "This is Huddersfield, not Melton Mowbray."
And landlord Richard Prest is quoted about the regulars love of bread and dripping on quiz night.
While cider maker 'Udders Orchard - run by former Rat custodian Dave Kendall-Smith - also gets a plug.
You can read the full article on the Telegraph's website:

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