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31-01-2014, 17:45
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Here’s another trenchant article by David Atherton about the decline of the pub, and its causes: Pub closures mean we’re losing the last of England (http://www.trendingcentral.com/pub-closures-mean-losing-last-england/). This comment is especially telling:

But the smoking ban was Labour’s idea, and they prosecuted it with a vigour that would make a Mormon knocking at your door asking about Jesus look apathetic. It was quite clear that the average Fabian, middle class Labour apparatchik never goes to the pub, or has the slightest level of empathy for working class people whose pleasure they killed. The contempt for their core vote is limitless.It will be interesting to see whether that contempt is thrown back in their faces at the forthcoming Wythenshawe by-election.

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