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Al 10000
26-01-2014, 18:24
I did my first pub crawl in London after a four year wait.

A national Express bus from Nottingham to London and i was at London Victoria train station for 10.35 am,i waited for the 11.09 to Peckham Rye,11.25 off
the train and in Peckham for the first time,i had to take photos of the first few pubs that i would do when dark later in the day.

First pub of the day the Nags Head no real ales here had Websters Green Label,next onto the Gowlett an really nice pub,i had a drink of Harveys bitter
which was top notch,a short walk from the Gowlett took me to the Flying Pig.

The Flying Pig is a bar that had a decent choice of real ales,i had Ilkley Gold which went down well,lots of cold fizzy crap,sorry craft beers here,a bit of a walk
and i was in the worst pub of the day the Cherry Tree.

The Cherry Tree is a very large pub that has been completly ruined in my opinion,i had a drink of Sambrooks Wandle which was a decent enough drink
shame about the pub,another walk back to the East Dulwich Tavern,a very large prominent pub in the middle of East Dulwich,this pub had a decent choice of real ales
and was very busy,the Milk Street the Usuall was a bit different but nice enough.

A short walk and found the Draught House looking in a poor state,no signage and boarded up windows,probably could'nt afford the prices for
the beer here,so it was the Bishop for my next drink,this pub was fairly busy,i had a drink of Weasel bitter which was decent enough.
Another short walk and i was in the Palmerston.

The Palmeston is a large looking corner pub,i quite liked this one,apart from the babys that were being held aloft by their yummy mummys and daddys
i had a drink of Orkney Northern Light which went down very well.
I could not find Liquorice or walked past it without knowing,my next port of call was Franklins ( Ex Victory) this bar was very busy with diners to
the rear and drinkers to the front,yet again yummy mummys and daddys were in here,i had a drink of Franklins English Garden which was a
really nice drink.

Another short walk and i was in the Patch,yet another large looking corner pub,i had a drink of Exmoor Gold which was the most expensive
drink of the day at £2.20 for a half and they tried to short mesure me,a bit of a longer walk and i was in the Plough a large pub with half
out of use for a kids party,i had a drink of London Pride which was ok.

I now started to walk back towards Peckham Rye station,but doing pubs along the way,first pub a short walk from the Plough was the Castle
I did'nt think they still had pubs like this in London,two rooms a basic bar and a basic lounge,one real ale Old Speckled Hen which was decent
The next pub was another short walk the Great Exebition and very large looking pub,had a drink of Mallinsons Armerillo which went down
The Actress was my next pub and another short walk,this is a corner pub,i had a drink of Trumans Runner which was decent enough.

I now had to decide whether to to do the Herne Tavern and Rose or walk up to the Clock House which is one of the few Ex Youngs tied
houses that i have not been in in London,i opted to miss the first two and do the Clock House as time was running out.

The Clock House is a large impressive looking pub from the outside that faces some sort of common,i had a drink of Youngs bitter which was
decent enough but not has good as the Wandsworth brewed Youngs beers,another short walk and i was in the Rye which i had popped into
earlier in the day but it was closed then.
The Rye was a decent pub,i had a drink of London Fields Love Not War which was a decent drink,i then crossed the road to do the White Horse

The White Horse is a nice looking pub,not a typical looking London pub,the pub had two rooms and a decent drink of Harveys bitter.
I was now on the home straight only 3 pubs left to do,the Montpellier was the next pub.

The Monpellier was a really nice pub and another drink of Harveys bitter whch went down well,a short walk took me to the Victory
two real ales on here,i had Adnams bitter which was decent enough,the last pub of the day was the Prince Albert
which was a very basic pub and also very busy,i think i had a drink of Old Speckled Hen but not sure as i did'nt write it down.

A short walk and i was back on Peckham Rye station just before the heavens opened up.

This was a great day out doing 19 new pubs and bringing my pubs total for London to just over 1250.

Bucking Fastard
26-01-2014, 18:41
Sounds like a very good day out.Glad that someone has got along to The Clock House (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/65954/) and got a review done.I used that pub a lot in the 1980's ,and after a skinful would roll around to The Curry Cabin on Lordship Lane afterwards (It's still there as well).The Youngs beers in The Clock were terrific back in the day.

Sounds like the area has changed a lot since,yummy mummies and all.The walk back through Peckham Rye Common late a night always felt like a lottery in the 80's.

Al 10000
26-01-2014, 19:01
It probably looks a lot different on my visit to when you did it back in the 80s,the front bar is still a bit quirky,but the rear room looks very sterile.

It was quite nice close to Peckham Rye station with all the street traders and stalls reminded me of East London in the early 80s.

I was pleased to get 5 pubs done with no review in London which seems pretty hard with all the London reviewers going at it pretty hard