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06-12-2013, 00:02
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Imperial Club festival December 5-8

There will be plenty of Huddersfield ale on the bar in South Yorkshire this weekend.
Hand Drawn Monkey Brewing Co, of Lindley, and Thirstin Brewhouse, of Honley, both have two beers on in Mexborough.
They are both part of the Imperial Club's new breweries beer festival. It features 20 plus beers from breweries opened in the last 12 months.
I guess that just about covers HDM who set up in November 2012. It certainly includes Thirstin who emerged this summer.
Another brewery on the list to catch the eye is Hopcraft whose Black IPA mesmerised a fair few at The Star's Winter Festival a few weeks ago.
This time the South Wales outfit have a porter on the bar and an American West Coast hopped beer.
Elsewhere, the house brewery, Imperial, has also teamed up with Latitude Brewery, of Doncaster, for their take on an American amber style ale.
I've heard good things about the Imperial Club but so far I've never managed to make it to Cliff Street. May'be I'll put that right this weekend.
Imperial Club new breweries festival beer list 2013
Belleville Brewing Co, Northcote Blonde, 4.2%. Blonde and bubbly but carries some weight.
Bosun’s Brewing Company, Jingle Belle, 4.0%. Golden in colour, refreshing fruity notes, well hopped ale uses a blend of New Zealand hops.
Brown Ales Brewery, Absolute Beginners, 3.8%. Golden Bitter.
Brown Ales Brewery, Cool Runnings, 4.7%. Gold Beer
Clarkshaw’s, Strange Brew No 1, 4%. Our experimental range, kicking off with a little citrussy number.
Four Thorns Brewery, SMS Stout, 4.7%. A complex dry stout made of a unique blend of 7 malts.
Four Thorns Brewery Bitter 3.8%. A classic session bitter, with a subtle malty backbone and a hoppy finish.
Hamelsworde Brewery, Cherokee mystery hop, 6%. Cherokee is a copper coloured IPA with strong fruity hop aroma. Our cask has been dry hopped with a mystery hop, first one to guess the hop variety wins a free pint!.
Hand Drawn Monkey, Super Duper Joyous Pale, 3.8%. A totally tropical taste of American, Australian and New Zealand hops amongst a background of golden sunshine colour. It truly is super, duper and joyous.
Hand Drawn Monkey, American Milk Brown Ale, 6.2%. Another HDM idea to make your mind bleed but your innards happy. 6.2% yet mellow n hoppy.
Hopcraft Brewing, Biscotti Porter, 4.8%. Dark beer with coffee beans & vanilla and almond extracts.
Hopcraft Brewing, Iron Road, 4.6%. Golden and full of the zesty hops of Americas west coast.
Latitude & Imperial Breweries, Burning Amber, 4.4%. Brewed as a collaboration at the Imperial, Our take on an American Amber style ale. Toasty malt flavours give way to a fruity bitter finish from Citra, Summit and Pacific Jade hops.
Malthouse Brewery, Yorkshire Black Ale, 5.3%. A black IPA style beer brewed especially for our festival.
Medieval Beers, Dragon Slayer, 8%. Our 2012 winner returns to defend their title with this beer, An IPA loaded with complex flavours and aromas that develop after every sip.
Newark Brewery, Summer Gold. 4.5%. Very refreshing and moreish. Light malt balanced with three citrus hops and lime to produce a genuinely great beer.
Newark Brewery, Winter Gold, 4.5%. The latest seasonal beer from Newark Brewery, golden in colour.
Sunbeam Ales, Extra Special Ale, 5.2%. Premium strength mid brown/ruby ale The complex malt bill give this ale a full mouth feel of sweet caramel and toffee, all of which is complimented with generous hop support and a intense bitter-sweet finish. Luxury in a glass, beautifully companies your Sunday dinner or simply on its own.
Thirstin Brewhouse, Thirstin Four It, 4%. Golden Best.
Thirstin Brewhouse, Dr Ferdinand, 5%. IPA Style.
Titan Brewery, Pale, 4%. Light fruity & moreish.
Titan Brewery, Bitter, 3.8%. Dark malty & smooth.
White Dog Brewery, Scooby Brew, 4.2%. American pale ale.
White Dog Brewery, Growler, 4.2%. Special pale ale.

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