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02-12-2013, 09:54
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A brief footnote to the sad story of one of my favourite locals, the Alma on Newington Green.

The Alma is now being offered up as a new tenancy (http://www.enterpriseinns.com/PropertyReports/f50b9e57-debf-dd11-834d-005056b009d5_ReportPDF.pdf), with applications closing this week. I was impressed by the level of detail on the website for prospective tenants - every aspect a curious publican might want to know about is covered. There's even a guide to local competition - clearly a key factor in how the business might perform. So it's great to see the website giving a run-down on what else is in the area so interested parties can accurately assess the opportunity:

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LGAfk3eAKAs/Upw5CVfNTfI/AAAAAAAAB8Y/UggQXsYtd60/s400/competition.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LGAfk3eAKAs/Upw5CVfNTfI/AAAAAAAAB8Y/UggQXsYtd60/s1600/competition.jpg)

Screen grab from Enterprise's website about the Alma tenancy

There's just one problem with this. No, actually, there are quite a few:

In 2011, the Nobody Inn was renamed the Clarendon. In 2012 it has a massive refit, substantially changing its offering, and was renamed the Dissenting Academy (https://www.facebook.com/dissentingacademy).
Bastille Brasserie (http://www.fluidlondon.co.uk/venue_closed/angel_and_islington/bastille_brasserie_n1/?tab=menu) closed down at least three years ago and is being converted to flats.
There's no such pub as the Crafty Fox in the area. They might mean the Snooty Fox (http://www.snootyfoxlondon.co.uk/). But you can't be too hard on them for getting the name of the pub wrong; it's not as if they own it or anything. Oh, hang on - yes they do.
There's no mention of the Hops & Glory (http://www.hopsandglory.co.uk/) (formerly the George Orwell) or the Leconfield (http://theleconfieldpub.co.uk/) (formerly the Oak Bar) - two craft beer pubs that offer significant competition to the Alma, each less than five minutes walk away. But you can't be too hard on them for not knowing these pubs exist; it's not as if they own them or anything. Oh, hang on - yes they do own the Leconfield.

It's great to see Enterprise's local area manager having such a great grasp on the area he is paid to look after.

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