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26-11-2013, 10:26
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For all those lovers of the C word.....you know, that day that spurns adverts on telly from July onwards..and lots of beers with silly names...get into the Crown, in Westgate in Huddersfield. Yesterday, I called in to discover the place decorated for Christmas. It is everywhere. The place is full of decorations. Tasteful ? Well it depends on your opinion. I prefer the subtle approach, (ie ignore it and it will hopefully go away). And I am somewhat confused that a pub like the Crown, which has a fairly defined clientele, should want to spend money and time making itself into a bloody grotto. I prefer a pub to be a pub, and I like to go to the pub to avoid the stresses and strains of the 'real world' and Christmas is part of that. And I can do without being reminded of that in November.

And as an aside, the prices there have slightly increased, so it costs £2.60 for a pint of real ale, but for some reason, £1.45 for a half. Another case of the ticker being exploited.

Bah humbug. Scrooge.

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