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27-10-2013, 19:04
The White Horse Inn (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/2001/) 'Inn' suffix needs removing

Addition of Inn suffix here The Plough (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/31495/)

The Millstone (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/13316/) appears to have had a name change to Barton's Mill Pub & Dining

Space between Water and Witch The Waterwitch (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/19303/)

Name change - now Bosun's Call Danny's Bar (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/63008/)

The Royal (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/61834/) needs 'Inn' suffix adding

The Kingsdown Vaults (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/63913/) - ‘Kingsdown Wine Vaults’

The Red Lion Inn (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/1722/) drop Inn suffix

Galore Admin
25-01-2014, 16:05
All done