View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 27th October 2013)

22-10-2013, 14:53
Wittenden: Goacher's Shipwrecked
Bucking Fastard: Dark Star Green Hopped IPA
Mobyduck: Dark Star Green Hopped IPA
Aqualung: Mordue Oatmeal Stout
london calling: Canterbury Brewers Green Hopped East Kent Pale
hondo: Allgates Ostara
Thuck Phat: Dow Bridge Praetorian Porter
aleandhearty: Timothy Taylor Havercake Ale
Oggwyn Trench: Tiny Rebel Beat Box
Brewguru: Moor So'Hop
Soup Dragon: Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody's Stout
Real Ale Ray: Ludlow Stairway
ROBCamra: Dark Star Green Hopped IPA

27-10-2013, 16:52
Better get this in before St Jude pulls the plug. Beside the banks of the southern Swale.
Whitstable Brewery Co:Brewer's Gold 4.4%abv. Undistinguished golden ale.
Goacher's:Special house ale, aka Shipwrecked.3.8%abv. Sublime Goacher's-earthy and mysterious. My BOTW

Bucking Fastard
27-10-2013, 17:23
Decent enough week,although the 'spoons festival ales started brilliantly but then came up very short.

Titanic -- Cappuccino
Innis & Gunn -- Toasted Oak IPA
Thwaites -- Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA
Oakham --Inferno
Mc Mullens -- Country Bitter
Oakham -- Citra
Oakham -- Scarlet McCaw
Oakham -- Black Hole Porter
Caledonian -- Ninkasi Cream Ale
Batemans -- Fat Heads Sunshine Daydream
Dark Star -- Green Hopped IPA
Oakham -- Green Devil IPA

The last two were the stars of the show (although the Oakham Citra went well beyond the three pint test )
In a drink off at The George,Croydon I had a pint of each before deciding to make the third another Dark Star Green Hopped IPA a worthy BOTW and in the running for Beer of the Year.What a brew,and using exclusively English hops.A lot of long established family brewers please note.

27-10-2013, 18:16
A rather slim week quantity wise
Black Sheep Best
Black Sheep Ruddy Ram
Wild Weather Dark Prince
Titanic Cappuccino
Darkstar Greenhopped IPA
The Titanic was good but BOTW and three in a row comfortably is the Greenhopped IPA

27-10-2013, 18:44
Another good week courtesy of the Spoons fest :-

Banks's Mild 3.5%
Caledonian Poltergeist Porter 4.0%*
Traditional Scottish Ales ROK IPA 4.0%
Evan Evans Organic Gold 4.2%*
Cotleigh Lemon Ale 4.3%*
Liberation EPA 4.4%
Mordue Oatmeal Stout 4.5%*
Strathaven Claverhouse 4.5%*
Titanic Cappuccino 4.5%*
Hopcraft Bikini Attol 4.5%
White Horse Cheval Blanc 4.7%
Adnams Barley Mow 5.0%
Vale Misty Mountain Hop 5.0%
Adnams Stone Supremely Self-Conscious Black IPA 5.0%*
Bateman's Fathead's Sunshine Daydream 5.0%
Shepherd Neame Terrapin Tree Hugger IPA 5.0%*
Brodie's Chocolate Chilli Stout 5.3%*
Hook Norton Flagship 5.3%*
Banks's Harpoon IPA 5.9%
Wadworth Abita Restoration Pale Ale 5.2%*
Thwaites Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA 6.3%*
Batemans Hazelnut Brownie 6.3%*

The starred ones were the best but I will have to go for the Mordue Oatmeal Stout for £2.49 in the Wibbas Down as I don't like repeating the winner.

BOTW Mordue Oatmeal Stout

27-10-2013, 19:34
I don't like repeating the winner.
Nor do I but Greenhopped IPA has been unassailable in the last three weeks,the best is the best.A worthy hatrick.,

london calling
27-10-2013, 19:35
The Snooty Fox fest provided 4 hoppy contenders
Crouch Vale-brand x
Canterbury ales-green hopped ale east kent goldings
Stroud-green hopped ale brewers garden pale
but the best was
Canterbury Brewers-green hopped east kent pale 6.0

27-10-2013, 20:25
Nor do I but Greenhopped IPA has been unassailable in the last three weeks,the best is the best.A worthy hatrick.,

Having had a couple of Green Hopped IPAs this month I can understand why you would repeat it, especially in a quiet week. There were several contenders for me, but the Oatmeal Stout really was very good. I'm hoping to catch the Adnam's / Stone Black IPA again in the last week of the festival, hopefully in E4 where it's only £1.99!

28-10-2013, 06:30
Allgates - Ostara

Thuck Phat
28-10-2013, 10:12
Quiet one again.

Oakham Bishops Farewell

Oakham Citra
Odell's Cutthroat Porter
Hart Green Hop
Dow Bridge Praetorian Porter

All were very good and the Hart Green Hop really doesn't disappoint but because it's the best bottled porter I've tried, BOTW is Dow Bridge Praetorian Porter.

29-10-2013, 10:55
My recent wretched run of form continued this week, with only two beers tried and both very tired.

Ossett - Silver King.
Timothy Taylor - Havercake Ale.

The HA was the least worst, but that's not saying much.

Oggwyn Trench
29-10-2013, 17:01
Better week for me after last weeks drought

Brakspear - Oxford Gold
Marstons - EPA
Longden - Sawn Off
Greene King - IPA:o
Salopian - Shropshire Gold
XT - 1 Fresh Hop Blonde
Timothy Taylors - Havercake Ale
Three Tuns - Stout
Tiny Rebel - Beat Box
Whitstable - Pearl of Kent

BOTW Tiny Rebel - Beat Box

31-10-2013, 15:09
One visit to a quality pub (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/60597/http://) enables me to contribute to this thread

Cheddar Hops and Glory
Moor Revival
Moor So'Hop

Made the mistake of having the Moor before the Cheddar (well it was in Abv order) but the Cheddar really suffered in taste comparison after the fruity hoppy (unfined) Moors

Soup Dragon
31-10-2013, 15:32
Too many to list, but the Dorothy Goodbody's Stout was up there:cheers:

Real Ale Ray
01-11-2013, 21:08
Ludlow - Stairway

04-11-2013, 13:17
I've always been a fan of Green Hopped beers.

Last year The Hop in Sheffield had a green hop mini beer festival and I had to be dragged out whimpering as I'd only managed to try 4 of the 6 before we had to leave. :o

At The Baum we now get a couple of Dark Star beers delivered every month.

So guess what? Going with the flow. BOTW Dark Star Green Hopped IPA. :cheers: