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20-10-2013, 15:01
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The Guardian recently published an interesting article on Ten things that bad boozers get wrong (http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/oct/18/crap-pubs-10-things-bad-boozers-get-wrong). Some of them I agree with, some I’m not too bothered about. The comments also make enjoyable reading – a bit like all the comments on beer blogs distilled into one place. See if you can spot me! The issue of dogs seems to come up rather a lot.
I thought I should make my own list, but concluded that, rather than just regurgitating the familiar moans about children, TV football, bench seating and lack of beermats, I should concentrate on those areas that genuinely are within the control of those running pubs and make a real difference to the customer experience.

A poor impression when walking through the door, such as a group of regulars blocking the way to the bar
Failure to display a menu outside (and sometimes not displaying menus inside when food is being served)
Music played by default without regard to tastes of customers
Bar staff not committed to customer service (which covers a variety of sins, such as not serving people in the right order and messing around doing non-urgent tasks rather than actually serving)
A thoughtless approach to temperature and ventilation, such as doors flung open on cool days and heating on full blast on warm days
Uncollected glasses and plates piled up on tablesPoor use of the Internet – not every pub needs a website, but if you have one, keep it updated, display your current menu and, if you offer varying guest beers, your current beer selection

One that is less of a problem in these days of the knocked-through pub, but which in the past I often found an irritation, is failing to make it clear which door the casual customer should use – which isn’t by any means always the lounge.

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