View Full Version : Beer of the Week (w/e 13th October 2013)

11-10-2013, 11:39
trainman: Brewster's Rutterkin
Bucking Fastard: Shipyard Double Thumper
Aqualung: Kelham Island Pale Rider
Real Ale Ray: Prescott Track Record
Mobyduck: Dark Star Greenhopped IPA
london calling: Dark Star Greenhopped IPA
Wittenden: Copper Dragon Best Bitter
oldboot: Hambleton Nutty Native
Thuck Phat: Shipyard Double Thumper
Oggwyn Trench: Ironbridge Citra 48 Special
ROBCamra: Long Man American Pale Ale

13-10-2013, 10:06
Brewster's Rutterkin at Beeston's Vic (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/58181/).
First pint of a great day of good beer around Nottingham yesterday. A wonderful beer town.

Bucking Fastard
13-10-2013, 13:28
A fair selection ,getting some proper autumn weather on the canal too.

Marston's -- Pedigree
Banks's -- Black Diamond . My take on this ale is that it's like a lowish strength porter.
Joules -- Pale Ale
Shipyard -- Double Thumper . A collaberation between this US micro and Marston's ,brewed in Ringwood.
Salopian -- Hop Twister

The Hop Twister was good but BOTW goes to Shipyard Double Thumper which whistled past the three pint test at lunchtime in The Junction,Norbury Junction.Great balance between the malts and hops,got that marmalade finish.A revelation from Marston's ,maybe this is their new approach to upgrade their range by signing up deals with US micros who know what they are doing on the brewing front.

13-10-2013, 13:49
Shipyard Double Thumper which whistled past the three pint test at lunchtime

Bucking Fastard
13-10-2013, 15:02

According to EU laws it is technically illegal to navigate while intoxicated but the standard of steerage towards Brewood was exemplary.I must have metabolised the ale very rapidly.

13-10-2013, 17:29
No wonder I feel rough today looking at the strengths of these :-

Hepworth Harvest Ale 4.5%*
Siren Undercurrent 4.5%
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.7%*
Hopcraft Graveyard Eyes 5.0%
Everard Cambridge Belgian IPA 5.0%*
Stonehenge Old Smokey 5.0%*
Wharfebank Wispa IPA 5.1%
Redemption Fellowship Porter 5.1%
Kelham Island Pale Rider 5.2%*
Clouded Minds Airlock IPA 5.4%
Tap East IPA 5.6%
Banks's Harpoon IPA 5.9%
Shoreditch Triangle IPA 6.0%*
Adnam's Sixpoint Bengali Tiger 6.4%*
O'Hanlons Brewers Special Reserve 12.9%*

The ones with a star were all good, but the award goes to Kelham Island Pale Rider (£2.30) which was spot on in the glamorous surroundings of the Beaten Docket in Cricklewood.

BOTW Kelham Island Pale Rider

Real Ale Ray
13-10-2013, 17:40
Prescott - Track Record

13-10-2013, 17:55
Old Mill Brewery - Fire and Brimstone
Hopback-Cropcircle,Taiphoon and G.F.B.
Brains -Young Rev
Darkstar Greenhopped IPA
Best by a long stretch and BOTW Darkstar Greenhopped IPA

london calling
13-10-2013, 18:15
Same as Moby I go for Darkstar-greenhopped ipa at the Craft beer co.Nearly £5 a pint though but the best beer and not the dearest one I had on the night.

13-10-2013, 19:44

Timothy Taylor-Golden Best. 3.5%abv. A favourite, on good form.
Grainstore-Ten Fifty-5%abv. Amber strong bitter, bittersweet with stonefruit.
Wylam-Gold Tankard-4% abv.Middle of the road golden ale, the hops and malt muddled by the sparkler!
Copper Dragon-Best Bitter. 3.8% abv. Excellent example of a maligned style:first pint out of a fresh barrel. My BOTW

13-10-2013, 20:08
An odd one this week, from a brewery whose beers don't normally appeal to me but Hambleton Nutty Native was most unlike their usual stuff. In spite of the name it's not a MILD, pale-ish with a touch of sweetness but with hints of New World hopping - interesting. Drinking the first pint out a new barrel in their excellent brewery tap helped of course.

13-10-2013, 20:26
Same as Moby I go for Darkstar-greenhopped ipa at the Craft beer co.Nearly £5 a pint though but the best beer and not the dearest one I had on the night.
And I thought I was paying through the nose at £ 3.80.:lol:

13-10-2013, 20:33
And I thought I was paying through the nose at £ 3.80.:lol:

And I thought I was paying through the nose at £2.80.:lol:

london calling
13-10-2013, 21:36
It was very good so it appeared to be good value.Less so a bottle of Sam Smiths Organic Choc Stout £5.50 in Cittie of York which really hurt.

14-10-2013, 07:23
just Carling Lager consumed this week :rolleyes:

Thuck Phat
15-10-2013, 11:16
This week:
Banks Black Diamond
Joules Pale Ale
Marstons Shipyard Double Thumper
Salopian Hop Twister
Oakham Bishops Farewell

The Joules Pale Ale was ok for one but comprehensively failed the 3 pint test despite a lack of choice and my best efforts.
The Salopian Hop Twister, by contrast, sailed through the 3 pint test and was excellent.
I can't get past the Marstons Shipyard Double Thumper for BOTW though despite Mr Fastard having nominated it earlier. An excellent pint and the best I've had from Marstons since the original 4.8% Pedihree on tip top form before they changed the recipe.

15-10-2013, 18:55
Unfortunately, no beer this week. :(

Oggwyn Trench
15-10-2013, 19:57
Decent enough week for me

Doctor Mortons - Non Stick
Ossett - Silver Ghost
Beowulf - Chase Buster
Bank Top - Port O Call
Rowton - Green Hop
Ironbridge - Mild
Ringwood - Boondoggle
Thornbridge - Lumford
Liverpool Organic - Best Bitter
Ironbridge - Citra 48 Special
Oakham - JHB

BOTW Ironbridge - Citra 48 Special

18-10-2013, 11:25
Despite being at the CAMRA Champion Beer Of Britain lunch and trying all the CBOB I'm not going to choose one from there. :eek:

I'm not going to choose one from The Baum either. :eek::eek:

And I'm not going to choose one from Burton's myriad of GBG2014 listed pubs. :eek::eek::eek:

The best pint I had last week was Long Man APA at The Dial (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/67243/)

I don't know whether it was because we'd just called in to get Ms CAMRA a nice glass of red wine and I was expecting to drink fizz.

But it was the best tasting beer I had in a weekend filled with great ones.

I wasn't sure about matching Elland 1872 Porter with a cheeseboard, but it worked well.

Fyne Jarl matched with ham hock terrine also worked really well.

But a beer in a wine bar still won it. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Soup Dragon
18-10-2013, 12:29
Too many to chose from, but the Batham's Bitter in the Vine and Griffin were Sublime, as was the Batham's MILD in the Vine, the Holden's MILD in the Rose & Crown. Fantastic week for me, but then, that is what birthdays are for!